When it comes to businesses that provide services as their trade, it’s inevitable that the time comes when a client no longer needs a particular utility. Or, there are times when the provider is the one required to end their duty under the client. Either way, the process should be carried out properly through official correspondence. Therefore, we’ve composed easily editable Service Termination Letter Templates for you to download! Draft a formal note by incorporating our professional samples; available in a variety of file formats and can be printed in either A4 size or US letter size. So, download now--write a polite termination letter for accountants, contractors, vendors, and more!

How to Make a Service Termination Letter?

A termination letter is a written and mailed note used to formally cancel hired labor from a company or freelancer.

Be it for internet service or a telephone line, a proper letter should be drafted for concerns about service termination. After all, as cited from Thoughtco, a letter can be used in addressing all sorts of concerns.

Do you need a few tips on how to effectively compose a service termination letter by yourself? If so, no problem--just keep on reading and you’ll find what you need just below!

1. Choose an Application and Prepare Your Layout

Once the time comes to write a letter for ending a service agreement, you should make sure that your content is well-made and appropriately formatted. First, pick a processing application to make your letter in--you can go with MS Word, Google Docs, or other similar software. After opening a fresh document in your preferred application, choose your regional page size, set the orientation to portrait format, and adjust the margin to 1 inch.

2. Enter an Appropriate Title and the Recipient’s Information

Since your service termination letter is being created for a particular purpose, it’s important to include a suitable title at the top of your page (inside the margin); center-align it and make sure it has the largest font size within your document.

Then, you’ll have to add the current date to the left side, along with the intended receiver’s name and address; their name should be 2 spaces below the date and their address found just underneath. However, when your letter is addressed to a company, then input the company’s name in place of a specific person.

3. The Main Body of Your Service Termination Letter

It’s time to work on the dialog of your document. To start this section, enter a formal salutation; writing “Dear Mr/Ms [NAME],” should do, while “To whom it may concern,” or “Dear [JOB TITLE/POSITION],” will suffice when there’s nobody to address specifically.

Next, reserve the first sentence or paragraph as an introduction, giving a short explanation of the letter’s purpose. In regards to actually discussing the service termination, it’s a good idea to utilize subheaders, numberings, and other formatting tools available in your application.

4. Finalizing the Service Termination Letter

After completing the dialog, input a brief closing remark and then your valediction; you can use “Sincerely,” or “Yours truly,” for a formal valediction. And before entering your name, leave enough space just above it, using that space for your written or email signature.

If you’re writing on behalf of a company that you work for, then remember to include your position and insert the company logo at one of the top corners. Lastly, if you’d like reusable content for canceling security, merchants, canteens, and other kinds of services, then do consider our Service Termination Letter Templates!

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