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What Is a Service Certificate?

A service certificate is an artistic paper document awarded to a recipient for the recognition and appreciation of his/her distinguished professional service performance. Sometimes it's also used to certify that a recipient has completed a certain service training program. The entities who usually award service certificates to its recipients are company leaders, managers, and even owners. The very reason why they award such certificates is to make their subordinates feel that their sophisticated work is being appreciated by the company. Thus inspiring them to continue striving. There are several types of service certificates, the most common being appreciation certificates, recognition certificates, and completion certificates.

How to Create a Service Certificate?

A certificate such as a service certificate is something that one earns as a thank you from your company, not given. So as a team leader, manager, or company owner, you should create service certificates that are well-crafted and elegant enough. Your hardworking subordinates deserve such certificates. So without further ado, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect service certificate.

1. Utilize High-Quality Editing Software

There actually a lot of choices for what editing software you'll use, and it's entirely up to you on what to choose as long as you're comfortable with it. But, the best ones and the most recommendable are Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher. You should consider utilizing them since they have the right tools and features for you to create a more personalized service certificate. Plus they make it easier for you to since they have qualities of being user-friendly.

2. Choose a Professional Design Scheme

Keep in mind that a service certificate is still a formal document even though it doesn't have direct importance to the company. That said, it's designed scheme must look professional and not too fancy. What you must do is avoid attaching too much clip arts, and too many colors. Even a simple artistic border and margin will do, and a color scheme that consists of only two colors. However, choosing a professional design scheme will not be a trouble if you make use of editable and printable certificate templates of which are available here in Template.net.

3. State What The Certificate Is

Is the certificate an appreciation certificate? A recognition certificate? A completion certificate? These questions will be answered by the top part of the service certificate just above the recipient's name. Here are some examples of how you should state it: "Completion Certificate", " Certificate of Service Appreciation", and "Safety Training Certificate". It's best to use fonts with minimal artistic qualities for these.

4. Enlarge The Recipient's Name

If you were to consider the service certificate as a song, then the recipient's name in the chorus. With that in mind, you must enlarge it in a way that it becomes the largest text on the certificate. Another step that you must do is to capitalize all the letters of the recipient's name. Once you do those steps, then the recipient's name becomes the most recognizable and readable text on the sample certificate. You can opt to use elegant fonts if you see it fit.

5. Write a Short Description About His/Her Achievement

To let the viewers of the modern certificate know what the recipient did to earn it, you must write a short description of his/her achievement just below the name. Here are some examples: "For showing exceptional performance over the past fiscal year.", "For successfully completing the Safety Training Program from July 1 to July 8, 2019." By the end of the description, you should also specify the date of when and the place where the recipient received his well-deserved service certificate.

6. Print It and Frame It

Once you see that the certificate letter is already good enough, don't hesitate to print it. Make sure to use quality special papers when printing it, and avoid using ordinary papers that you usually use for normal written documents. Moreover, it's best to frame the certificate so that it'll be protected from outside hazards that papers succumb to. Plus it also adds to the certificates overall elegance.

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