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What is a Brochure?

A brochure is a foldable sheet of high-quality paper used by advertisers as a marketing tool for their business. Typically, a brochure contains visually attractive photos and detailed information about a particular product or service. Unlike magazines, simple brochures are handy and can easily be distributed and displayed in high traffic areas. Although brochures don’t have much space, it is a perfect way to showcase photographs, charts, and product details.

One of the most popular brochures is a travel service brochure. Statistics show that 32% of tourists said that travel brochures are the most reliable source of information, and 40% of tourists stated that brochures influence unplanned stops. This goes to show that brochures create a significant impact on the target market or a particular group of people.

How to Create a Service Brochure?

With the right design, a brochure can capture the attention of potential customers, increase brand recognition, an build a strong business identity. Brochures bear high significance in your business if you want to inform a target market about the services you offer, be it janitorial, IT support, travel, lawn care computer, photography, digital marketing plan, plumbing, catering, housekeeping, and others. Don’t worry, you won’t have to create a brochure alone! We will walk you through five simple steps in creating a service brochure.

1. Set Dimensions

Before you start filling your brochure with images and details, you first have to decide what the size of your brochure will be. The four standard sizes of a brochure are as follows: 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, and 11″ x 25.5″. Select a size that will provide enough space for the photos and text you want to include in your advertising material. The most common types of brochure folds are bi-fold and tri-fold. Bi-fold brochures provide a wider space than tri-fold brochures.

2. Use Full Bleed

Bleed is printing that extends beyond the edge of a document. To get rid of unnecessary white borders in your brochure and to maximize space, use a printing technique called full bleed.

3. Attach Eye-Catching Photos

Photos are one of the most compelling elements of a brochure. Make sure that you attach high-resolution photos in your brochure to attain desired results in printing. Also, your photos should highlight the services you offer in your company. Remember that you still have to add essential details on your brochure, leave room for those. Additionally, don’t forget to include the company logo.

4. Add Details

Your modern brochure should contain information such as the company name, some information about the company, mission and vision, tagline, headline, details about the services offered, contact details, and a call to action. The front cover of the brochure should directly tell the customers what is it for, it should also give a gist of the benefits your company can provide. Additional details should be on the inner portion of the brochure. Lastly, the back cover should contain the contact details.

5. Print and Distribute

Proofread the details you input in your design and use a high-quality paper with a glossy finish for your brochure to be the best among the rest. After all the steps have been accomplished, start distributing the brochure in high traffic areas or display them in areas where it’s highly visible.

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