Services Business Cards Templates

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How to Create a Service Business Card?

A service business card is a card bearing the business information of a service provider or company, which is shared during formal introductions. Generally, it includes the name of the giver, company or business name and logo, address, and contact information, such as phone number, email address, website, or social media account. Corporate business cards are traditionally simple, with black text on white stock. Today, with the use of technology and enhanced creativity, service business cards not only have a striking visual design but also are made from extraordinary materials other than a paper or card, that is, made from plastic or PVC, metal, rubber, magnet, poker chips, wood, wooden nickels, etc. They also come in various sizes and shapes, but the standard size is 3.5×2 inches.

1. Identify the Type or Nature of Your Business

Business cards are usually created based on the industry that the entity is into. So, because you are a service provider, you must identify the services that you are providing, and from there, you can get the idea of what personality you are going to present in your simple business card. For example, if you are into construction services, you might consider including images of buildings and establishments under construction on the background of your card. Another example is when you are running a dental clinic, you might want to have a business card shaped like a tooth.

2. Choose a Good-Quality Material for Your Card

In choosing the paper or stock card for your sample business card, you must invest for those that are durable and can withstand heat and moist, typically 200 to 300 gsm. Accordingly, if you want to use another material other than paper, such as those mentioned above, you may do so, but make sure that they are also durable and with good quality.

3. Decide for the Size and Shape

As stated previously, the standard business card size is 3.5×2 inches, but you may opt for another size provided that it will still fit in most cardholders or wallets. For the shape, although the rectangular ones are the most common, you may try other shapes, such as leaf shape, oval, circle, or tooth shape like the example above.

4. Choose an Appropriate Color

It is best to choose a color scheme that would appropriately represent your branding. You may refer to the colors of your sample logo and use it as your base color in your modern business card or the services that you offered. For example, if you are providing spa services, you can use different shades of green in your business card design as a way to represent your professional services.

5. Incorporate the Essential Elements of a Business Cards

The essential elements that must be present in your service business card are as follows: name, name, and logo of your business entity, tagline or business description, address, and graphics. These are the items that the recipient of the business card wanted to know from you so make sure that you incorporate these things in your card. The graphics can add enhancement and visual presentation to your card, which is helpful to attract the interest of your prospective clients, business partners, investors, and other interest parties.

6. Finalize

Lastly, make sure that all the important information is already included in the printable business card and that you commit no typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors as these errors may affect your reputation and credibility.