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What Is A Service Report?

A service report is a document that provides a synopsis or a summary of all the services offered and rendered by your business. It helps collect and present valuable data and information that will allow you to keep up with the latest trends, improve the quality of your service, plan ahead of your competitors, organize the workload and schedules of your team, and most importantly, meet the customers' expectations.

How To Write A Service Report

service report template

An effective service report should contain all the details that cover all the areas of service that your sample company offers. Creating one will be quick and easy if you already have a ready-made service report template. All you have to do is to edit the contents and customize the format and you're all set. It's that simple and convenient.

1. Determine The Objective Of The Report

For you to acquire the desired output, you need to be clear about the objectives and the purpose of your sample report. Be meticulous in creating the questions for your survey or questionnaire (if you are using one) to get the most relevant and important responses from your customers. Getting their feedback and comments regarding the services that you provided will greatly help in constructing the contents of your report.

2. Collect Relevant Data

Gather valuable data and information starting from the number of requests or services you rendered per day, the number of closed deals, the average response and handling time, customer feedback, and other pending requests. Review and reevaluate the data from previous reports and compare them with the one that you just required. Collecting all these figures and information and compiling them in a sample form or a worksheet will help you see if you are hitting your target and lets you determine the areas you need to improve.

3. Download A Service Report Template

Why would you stress yourself out in creating service documentation from scratch when you can download a printable service report template from our website? All you have to do is edit and customize the contents so it will fit your preference. In case your company uses a particular report template, then just follow the given format and get on with it.

4. Start Writing The First Draft Of Your Report

Fill out the service report sheet with the required information and the data that you gathered. Don't forget to provide the titles for each header and add necessary details to each section to make the report more comprehensive. Use standard fonts, font size and colors, margins, borders, and spacing. Insert visuals, diagrams, charts, and other elements that will supplement the presentation and the contents of your report.

5. Review And Proofread The Final Draft

Before you print or send the report to your superiors, try to proofread and reevaluate the final draft of the work report. Check for typing or formatting errors that may ruin and discredit the contents of your simple report. Send a copy to one or two of your trusted colleagues and have them review the draft. You can also hire a freelance proofreader to polish the report for you.

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