Cleaning and maintenance entities, construction firms, architectural firms, spa and salon centers, freelance writers—these are just a few of the many service business providers that need to have a service quotation to inform their clients of their price and charges. So, to save you from the hassle of starting from scratch, here is our 100% customizable Service Quotation Template that you can edit as your own. It is available in Google DocsMS WordGoogle SheetsNumbersMS Excel, and Apple Pages, so you have a lot of options on which type of file you want to work on according to your preferences. Get this professionally designed template now before it is too late!

What Is a Service Quotation?

A service quotation is a formal document prepared by a service-providing business sent to a potential client, and this contains a lost of the proposed prices or rate estimate sheets of the entity's services. This document is created based on precise specifications stipulated by the client. Apart from the costs, a service quotation includes the following: enumeration of the services, modes, and terms of payment, duration of time needed for each type of service, and expiry date of the quotation.

How to Write a Service Quotation

1. Write the Header

The header of your quotation must include your company information, such as your company name and logo, address, and contact details. This is important for potential clients to easily communicate with you in case they have queries, additional orders, and other concerns.

2. Incorporate the Salesperson Information

It is also vital to specify the information of the salesperson in charge of the transaction in your document. This section primarily includes the name and contact information of the salesperson. In this way, your client will have someone to turn to if they have any concerns and clarifications.

3. Set the Validity Date of the Quote

It is also important that you clearly specify the validity or expiry date of the sample quotation because the materials required to provide the services may change price after a month or so.

4. Incorporate the Service Details

The details of the service that you include in your service quotation must also be specified, and these include the number of hours that it may take for you to render the services, the rate per hour or any price measurements, and the total amount.

5. Include Taxes, Fees, and Other Charges

Do not forget to include the tax fees, charges, and other additional payments that need to be paid by the client in order to complete the transaction. Furthermore, your services can be pretty much appealing if you post discounts or promos that customers can avail of. Always remember to continually offer promos and perks that would catch the interest of your customers.

6. Present the Totals

Now that you have already listed the services as well as their respective prices, you still need to present the total amount so that the potential client can immediately see a figure the moment he or she would take a look at the business quotation. Totals comprise the subtotal and grand total of your services listed on the quotation.

7. Add the Notes and Terms and Conditions

This section of your agency quotations must present the terms and conditions and conditions and other supplementary information of the services on the list. Here, both parties can see the do's and don'ts in the price quotation as well as any limitations of sales terms of service. Lastly, the signature of the salesperson in charge must be affixed to confirm that the document comes from the company.

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