Advertising flyers are one of the most cost-efficient methods of spreading the word about your products and services. They reach a lot of people without having to expend that much in resources. However, if you mess up your flyer, not only will you downgrade your credibility, but a small mistake can be the main difference between customers availing your services and revenue pouring in, or your business going bankrupt. To avoid this dilemma, why not use one of our beautifully designed, high-quality, and easy to edit Service Flyer Templates? They're 100% customizable and professionally made for you. Our flyers come in various layouts ranging from cleaning service flyers, business service flyers, commercial service flyers, marketing service flyers, and many more — all of them are available on multiple editing formats and come in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Why risk your business on circumstance when our service flyer templates are ready-made for your benefit and ease? Subscribe today and hold the power of our templates at your fingertips. 

What Is a Service Flyer?

A service flyer is what service-based businesses use to spread the word about the assistance their company can bring into their lives. Whether the firm is a graphics & design service, medical service, photography service, or any other type of service, a creative flyer will always attract attention from potential clientele.

How to Create a Service Flyer

service flyer template

When creating an advertising flyer, there are some things you have to consider before you even begin to work on the actual, printed output. It may seem easy, but a small error can make a big difference if you want to be credible and professional about it. So, here are a few helpful tips for creating an amazing flyer:

1. Have a Set Idea

Though this isn't necessarily the first step, it is the most important; before you even start creating your first draft, brainstorm for ideas and make sure you have a set idea before you start making the sample flyer. It can be easy to fall into the trap of "Oh, it's just a flyer, I'll just wing it…" Don't. Having a bunch of ideas come in and give the urge to edit the layout over and over again because "genius keeps striking" will lead to you not having a flyer at all. Brainstorm before you start working to save time editing and re-editing a finished draft.

2. Emphasize Your Service

The whole point of you making a flyer is to advertise your business right? So make sure that this is the very first thing your readers see! Make your header bold, put it on the top-center, use eye-catching font styles and, most importantly, make sure it gives them a solid idea of what your service is. You can do this in many ways such as asking a question that your service can answer, or having an impactful statement about what you bring to the table. If you want to put in details about your service, do this on separate paragraphs and in creative ways so that they don't look like walls of text, and you can even put contact details of your company on the other side of your simple flyers like Facebook pages, Instagram, and contact numbers and emails.

3. Reach Out to Your Customers

One of the best ways to reach your customers is to "not treat them like customers." Treat them as if they have a big problem that you are willing to help them with, or give them the idea that your services cater to their needs because you believe that they are special and deserve only high-quality assistance. Reach out to them by piquing their interest as people and not just assets.

4. Be Creative in Your Design

Being creative with your design doesn't just mean you need to make it as flamboyant as possible, rather, make it appealing and relevant to your service. Here are a few ways you can do it:

  • A maintenance service flyer could have a chrome and rust color scheme with nuts and bolts around it.
  • A wedding service flyer can be mostly white with just a few light colors on the edges with pictures of previous weddings your services catered to.
  • A real estate service flyer can have a color-scheme of an urban house on the top half with mostly grassy green at the bottom with pictures of the real estate you plan to advertise.

These are simple design suggestions yet are still creative because of how relevant they are to the service and how appealing they can be when done right.

5. Triple C it

As always, when done with your first draft, triple c it; check your work, cut out unnecessary details, and correct errors you see. Do this for as many times as you need until you're satisfied. Remember that once you print it out, you can't as easily Ctrl + z a mistake.

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