When the lease is close to expiration, it's either you renew it or not. While there may be several reasons not to renew, express your intention to stay longer with a renewal letter. Our Lease Renewal Letter Templates are the best collection for your needs. The templates come with original content and artwork that you can just easily edit and customize. The templates are also printable and available in Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, and Outlook. You don't have to worry about writing a letter from scratch. Renew the lease on your property now by downloading our templates!

What is a Lease Renewal Letter?

A lease renewal letter is an official document that a tenant or landlord writes to request for tenancy renewal. As the lease agreement comes to an end, a lease renewal letter is issued if the landlord or tenant decides to extend the contract.

How to Write a Lease Renewal Letter?

Housing Wire said that in 2018, 53% of renters choose to renew their leases. With many people renting residential and commercial spaces, it's no surprise that leasing a property is a good way to generate income. A tenant might want to extend his lease for the affordable rental fee. A landlord might want to keep a tenant for several reasons as well.

If a lease gets renewed, it must be put into writing. Read the steps below in writing a lease renewal letter.

1. Make a Title

In writing your lease renewal letter, think of it like any other business document and use the standard form of writing. With that, you need to start your letter with the title. Include basic information as well as the date of submission and salutation.

2. Include a Reference

The main purpose of your letter is to renew your lease agreement, so include the previous one that you had and state some key information about it. Mention the start and end date of the lease, the length of the contract, and more.

3. List Renewal Terms

Create a list of the agreed renewal terms such as rent increase, early notice of payment, etc. You can also include some concerns about the lease that the owner can address later on. Get a response from your tenant by stating your available time for a discussion and including your contact information too.

4. Affix Your Signature

Put your signature on your document to make it valid. Both parties should know that whatever is written in the letter is by law.

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