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What is a Renewal Letter?

A renewal letter is a document that urges a particular authority person or committee to renew or continue an agreement that is going to expire soon. It states the terms of the new agreement and should prompt an immediate response from the other party.

How to Write a Renewal Letter?

Whether it's a contract, insurance, employment, scholarship, membership, rental, or any other transaction, renewing it will always be beneficial as it continues the deal. The formal way of reaching out to your clients is through a renewal letter. If you need tips in writing one, check out the simple steps below:

1. Give Facts

Begin your sample letter by stating the legal facts of the agreement that you and your partner went in. Give the starting date and expiry date of your partnership.

2. Remind the Value

A good way to remind your clients of the value of your partnership is to write about what you did for them during the validity of your agreement. This can convince the other party to renew the agreement.

3. Set the Terms

Express your interest to renew the agreement. However, you need to set some new terms to request a renewal. Be specific and make sure that each term works for both of you. You can also include new perks and incentives that are effective upon the renewal.

4. Prompt a Response

Always leave a room for the other party to respond. Put your contact information and tell them to contact you as soon as they made the decision. You can also include a time frame for the other party to decide on the renewal of the contract.

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