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How to Create a Lease Letter in Google Docs

In a recent report by Statista, forecasts for the real estate, rental, and leasing industry in the U.S. show the number of firms in this industry to rise to 325,886 by 2026. It's a growing industry that has many investors hooked. But like any other business, communication is vital to prevent issues caused by confusion and misunderstandings. Thus, writing simple letters is essential in keeping you and your tenants on the same page. With that said, you might want to keep the following in mind:

1. Address the Recipient

You need to make it sound like you're speaking to the tenant directly in your letter. It's one way to establish a firm tone with your message while still maintaining the formality of your approach. Names must be complete and correctly spelled at all times.

2. Date the Letter

Dates are essential in letter writing, as they can serve as proof of notice. Typically located below your business letterhead, the date must be visible on the front page of the letter for you and your recipient to refer to in the event of a dispute.

3. Indicate Your Purpose for Writing

Lease letters can cover a variety of subjects. It could act as a private rental agreement, or provide rental notice on the status of one's payment or any information regarding the rental property. Be sure to state this clearly in your letter.

4. Don't Forget to Sign the Letter

Your signature will prove that you wrote the letter and acknowledge the message it conveys. For credibility reasons, signing it will also put a reader's mind at ease knowing that the letter came from a legitimate source, especially if you don't plan to hand them the letter personally.

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