The expression of gratitude can be in many different ways. You can do it verbally, by giving gifts, or by doing simple acts of kindness. However, you need to take it up a notch when you need to thank someone formally and professionally. The best way to do it is by sending a letter. Here, we have Professional Thank You Letter Templates to help you get started right away. Despite having professionally written and original content, these ready-made products are easily editable in Word, Pages, and Google Docs. Express your heartfelt gratitude by subscribing to our well-written templates!

How to Create a Professional Thank You Letter?

A professional thank you letter is defined as a printed document for expressing gratitude about something. A thank you letter can be used for various purposes. You can use it for thanking a company for the job offer, or for thanking a guest speaker for attending your event. Whether it’s a job promotion, a salary raise, or any good opportunity, expressing gratitude should come naturally. If you wish to put it into writing, our guidelines below will help you write an impressive and heartfelt thank you letter.

1. Identify Who You’re Thanking and What it’s About

Who and what are two important things to consider when writing any kind of letter. For thank you letters, is it for a board member, a colleague, or a training officer? And for the what question, this should briefly explain to the reader what you’re grateful for.

2. Write an Initial Draft of Your Thank You Letter

If you don’t write consistently, you’re probably unaware that initial drafts are important. Yes, this may take a few minutes but it’s guaranteed to pay off in the end. Why? Because you already have your creative juices flowing. So, start with an initial draft to make the formal letter worth reading.

3. Start the Letter by Thanking the Reader

Regardless if you’re writing a business or a friendly letter, the first part should serve as an introduction. Here, introduce yourself and then thank the reader for whatever opportunity you received. For now, simply remind them of their gesture and leave the specifics for the next paragraph.

4. Elaborate on How the Opportunity has Benefited You

For the middle section of the letter, elaborate on how the opportunity was able to benefit you. If you’re thanking an employer for accepting your application letter, explain that it enabled you to grow as an employee. Another example is thanking a business consultant for their service, which helped your company to perform even better.

5. End the Letter with Optimism and Well-Wishes

Save your well-wishes for the last part. As positive as you were when you started the first paragraph, make sure to maintain that tone when wrapping up the last one. This shows how sincere you are in your simple letter.

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