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What Is a Professional Invitation?

A professional invitation is a kind of invitation that is sent out to employees (commonly from superiors) for a formal event. This formal event may refer to corporate dinner, party, fundraiser, meeting, and any other office-related event. These invitations are either handed out personally or through email. Though formal, they are primarily elegant/classy in style.

When it comes to formal invitations, it is advisable to spell out the words that are abbreviated typically. For example, "Tuesday, the third of November" as opposed to "Tuesday, November 3rd." The same goes for names as well. Do not shorten the names of your attendees; instead, write their complete names.

How to Create a Professional Invitation?

The overall presentability of your simple invitation influences the decision of your potential attendees. To provide a compelling professional invitation card, read through our guides below.

1. Figure Out the Purpose of Your Professional Invitation

First and foremost, figure out the purpose of the formal invitation. Whether it's a department lunch meeting, conference meeting, etc. Once you have determined the goal, you may coordinate the content and design/layout of your card.

2. Pick the Corresponding Template

Second, pick a corresponding template from We have a wide selection of Professional Invitation Templates for you to choose from. Once downloaded, these templates are wholly customizable and are yours to keep forever. Did we mention that they're free?

3. Incorporate Colors

Colors play with our eyes. With the right blending, they can enhance any invitation card. Do not just randomly mix colors; instead, use a color wheel to know which colors go together beautifully. To be safe, you can make use of your company colors.

4. Include Fonts

A formal invitation also contains a decorative font. Try to avoid the over-decorative fonts because it can make your content non-readable. Your fonts should not exceed three to maintain neatness. Scour for websites that offer free font downloads.

5. Add a Brief Message

Your invitation should include a brief message about the event's purpose. You may state, "You Are Cordially Invited to the November Dinner Meeting" or "Please Join Us for a Farewell Lunch Meeting for Ms. Doe." With a brief message, your recipients will not be kept wondering as to what the purpose of the formal invitation is.

6. Don't Forget the Important Details

This includes the date and time, location, and attire. They are pertinent details that should be included in your formal invitation card. Lack of information will prompt your recipients to miss the event. Before sending your card out, double-check the information first because it can be tiresome having to inform your recipients about the exact info.

Once done, you can provide an envelope for your invitation. Remember, your envelope should be as striking as the invitation itself. It should already hook your recipients upon receiving the invitation.

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