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The event program serves as the guide for guests during events. When properly thought out, a good program can summarize the event in an effective manner, and still manages to engage the reader as the event goes along. While most programs come in brochure formats, the length, design, and materials are up to your personal preferences, so templates can save you time, especially if you have numerous events and projects to deal with on a regular basis. If done right, an event program can even serve as a marketing tool for your event’s branding.

Generally, the program is a schedule of activities that shows the flow of the event from its beginning until its conclusion. Sporting events may also show the competing teams and will help them take note which competitors participate at different times. In conferences, the program gives a timeline of lectures and workshops, and shows the topics being offered, as well as the speakers presenting their talks.

While the times advertised on the programs are not always followed to the letter, they are essential in measuring performances and lectures, and thus ensures that there is an organized flow of the event as the day goes on. This is why event organizers should be able to effectively estimate times set for each and every activity that will take part in the event. However, it is not the only important factor to consider in preparing an event’s official program.

It is also important to shorten your text to create a visually appealing program. Longer versions and event descriptions and details should be shared on the website or ticketing pages if available. Use elements that create a visual hierarchy. For instance, the most important elements can be written in bold or more impactful fonts.

Much like any other marketing collateral, programs need to be readable, but visually appealing. It should get its readers to feel comfortable during the flow of the event, and have a layout that is easy to follow. Event programs, after all, should help orient the attendees of the flow of the event. If visually appealing, these programs can also serve as a memento for guests to keep from the event.

With the help of the event program templates available on this website, you don’t have to worry about forgetting important details for your event. So download the template that will most likely fit your event, and edit to make your own professional-standard event program now.