Program Indesign Templates

Inform Guests with the Program Details Using's Free Program InDesign Templates. These Sample Layouts are Ideal for Weddings, Funerals, Conferences, and Other Events! Like Flyers, These Templates are Editable in Adobe InDesign. So, Take Your Chances Now and Organize Wedding Ceremony and Funeral Program Details Efficiently! Get Yours Now!See more

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  • Elegant Funeral Program Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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  • Although people are very likely to already have an idea about an event that they're attending, they usually don't know about the specific things that will take place. This is why programs are important because they provide guests with these specifics, and has the resources that you need. Our templates in InDesign are fully downloadable and easily editable and are guaranteed to help you make high-quality and beautifully-designed programs. When you need to start making a program, don't hesitate to download any of our program templates.

    How to Make a Program Template in Adobe InDesign

    Make a program that's just as worthy of excitement as your event by checking out the steps below. These instructions will teach you how to use InDesign to make programs for meetings, weddings, birthday parties, seminars, etc.

    1. Gather Information about the Event

    For you to know the sequence of events and to determine how to create your program, you will need to start by gathering the needed details about the event. These details include but are not limited to the things that will take place during the event, the time and sequence of these things, the people assigned to it, etc. Whether or not you're the person responsible for organizing the event, always take note of these details to help you build your program's content.

    2. Decide on a Program Size and Theme

    This refers to the physical attributes of the program since it comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles. The standard programs usually utilize the US letter paper but either folded or cut in half crosswise, resulting in a 5.5-inch by 8.5-inch measurement. You're allowed to go above or below that size as long as it'll accommodate your content perfectly. In terms of layout and theme, it's always tempting to get creative but is highly recommended that you stick to simplicity.

    3. Organize the Details Logically

    By logically, we're referring to a sequence of events that begins with those that'll help set the mood of the attendees and end with the most anticipated one. In a boxing sports event, for example, they begin with the undercard matches before ending the night with the main event. Since you now have the needed information for building the content of your program, you can already start arranging the order of the things that will take place.

    4. Create the Program in Adobe InDesign

    With the help of a powerful desktop processing and typesetting application, you can start creating the design of your program. After launching Adobe InDesign and starting a new project, you'll be given the option of whether or not to use a preset or template. From there, you can start adding elements such as images, photos, or illustrations, and you can also start adding the content based on the details that you've gathered and organized.

    5. Improve the Quality of your Program

    Once you're done creating the initial design of your event or party program, you still have the time to make some needed improvements to ensure that it'll really stand out. You can always ask someone to evaluate the design and give their feedback, or you can also go online to look for ideas and tips for a great program. Some of them may focus on the design while others may also focus on the content.

    6. Proofread the Content Written

    Speaking of content, be sure to review the information written in your program. This not only ensures quality content but it also helps to prevent the readers and guests from being misled or misinformed. Go over the entire content to make sure that there aren't any misspelled names or venues and/or incorrect time or date. And if you think the sequence of events needs to be revised, do so but always ask for someone else's opinion.

    7. Start Printing Copies of your Program

    The last thing that you will need to do before you can start distributing your program is to have it printed. If you wish to do this yourself, make sure to use high-quality and durable paper or card stock, it might even be best to convert your work to the JPEG or PDF file format to prevent any formatting issues. However, you can always choose to have your programs printed by printing business, they'll take care of formatting issues if there are any.