Are you the type of person to shy away from any attention at a party? Worry not! You need to bring with you a handy invitation card or a program flow containing the necessary details to guide you through the whole event and help you avoid getting into the spotlight. Design and create well-formatted and pre-designed program cards for any kind of event with our diverse, free program templates. We also offer blank program templates. Our premium templates can be easily downloadable at any moment or any device. These files are fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word and are available in a 5×7 inches format. These files are easily customizable with a mere tap of your finger and make use of high-quality content such as images, artwork, text fonts, layout, etc. Avail our quality templates now!

What Is a Program?

A program is a half-fold card and serves like Charon, who is the Greek ferryman of souls. A program must ferry souls and guide them through the flow of the event or else they might get lost and confused. For example, there is a funeral ceremony, dinner celebration, or a Christmas party. The program should include a list of the activities or sections and how long each of these parts will take place. The program card can summarize the whole event while effectively engage an attendee as the program goes along.

Most of the time, a program comes in a brochure format, but the length, design, and materials are up to your liking. However, our templates can help save you time and create more programs within a short period thus giving you more space for other plans. Besides, an event program can function like Hermes, the god of trade and commerce. In this sense, a program card can be used as a marketing tool, an invitation card, or an employee referral flyer.

How to Make a Program Template in Word

1. Size Matters

In Greek mythology, the gods change their sizes to suit a certain situation from human-like forms to towering higher than mountains. When designing an event program, you must think of the size format. For instance, there is a baby shower coming up. The preferred size format of the baby shower program must be smaller than the US size since the event is already widely known and need not be elaborated. You can still opt to use the US size, but safety measures must be drawn or else you'll be spending more for your program.

2. Choose a Theme

Greek gods, or gods in general, have been widely known for occupying a specific domain like Zeus occupies the sky, Poseidon occupies the sea, and Hades occupies the underworld. Each god has a major theme that they portray, and this must also be evident in the design of your program. You must come up with a theme that matches the event, and the theme must reveal what attire guests will wear during the event. For instance, there is a bridal shower coming up, so the theme must emulate a bridal shower design, not a golf tournament design.

3. An Image Is a Doorway to the Human Soul

Unlike other pantheons, the Greek pantheon had been merely conjured by Greeks from their image to portray a Greek lifestyle. When creating an event program, images help the guests know a little bit about what will be going on during the event. You can place a few images for your event program. For instance, a Met Gala or a Met Ball event flyer and program must contain images about outrageous attires worn by celebrities during the previous years.

4. Texts Have Power

Aside from images, names or words gives us how a god is presented. The name Aphrodite gives us a feeling of love while the name Ares gives us an image of war. In designing a program, one must be particular as to how words must be presented based on the type of font used. In an intense workout schedule, one must use non-cursive or non-soft fonts to give intensity and roughness. If you will use cursive fonts, the gym event activities might be seen as mellow and soft.

5. Download, Print, and Distribute

Once you have completed the tasks, you can now download and print your programs. You can also ask the rainbow messenger goddess, Iris, to help you in distributing your program to all of your guests!

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