What Is a Program?

The main purpose of a program is to provide the reader with all the information he/she needs about an event that's to be held. It is very useful as it can be used as a guide to know when things are supposed to happen, what exactly is going to take place, and even to learn more about those responsible for organizing the entire event.

How to Make a Program in Adobe Illustrator

1. Create the Document With Illustrator

Setup your program by opening up Adobe Illustrator and then choose to make a new document from either the Welcome screen or from the File menu. If you are planning on using a template, then what you can do is go to the File menu and click on New. From there, select Templates and you'll be able to choose from any that's available on the dialogue box.

2. Use the Perfect Pictures

What you will be using here will depend on the type of event that your program is covering. For example, if it's a wedding, then you'll want to use pictures of the venue and you want to make sure they look elegant and classy. You also have to make sure that these images are ones that have a high resolution so that they're guaranteed to look good. If you have a logo template that you want to use, then you can include that as well.

3. Present Information About the Event

Start by writing down the name of the event. You'll want to emphasize it by having its text size larger than the rest. Next is that you'll have to point out when exactly it's going to happen. Be sure to include the month, day, and year when writing it down. Lastly, place the complete address of the venue.

4. Share Information About Your Team

It's best that you include an "About Us" section in your program so the event participants will know more about the organizers. Provide a brief history of how you and your group came to be and explain what it is that all of you are trying to accomplish. Next is you want to provide a way in which these participants may contact you should they have want to make any inquiries or if they have any concerns. If you have any, include your website address and any social media handles.

4. Put In the Schedule and What's Going to Happen

You will want to make an hourly schedule of all the different shows or sessions that are going to take place during the event. You will first have to provide a full description for each one that you list down. Then, you'll want to point out the exact time that each show or session is going to begin. If your event spans for more than one day, then you'll need to point out what day certain parts of the event are going to take place and the time that they'll start and end.

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