A wedding, birthday party, funeral, or even an obituary needs a program to ensure the flow of the event. As an organizer, you need to have a solid and impactful program. Do you want to have one? Well, we got the solution to your dilemma as we provide sample program templates that are 100% customizable, high-quality and flexible format that is suitable for any events. You can save plenty of your time as it has suggestive content that lets you not to start from scratch but simply edit it to your own specifics. Also, we provide premium features like compatibility to all file formats like Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word, Numbers, and Apple Pages and accessible on any device within your reach. To help you with program planning, download our sample program templates today!

What Is a Sample Program?

From the word itself, a program is a schedule or list of activities from the introduction of the event to its conclusion. In other words, a sample program is a document that can be editable to a program needed for an event. There are other programs like a funeral program, but a sample program is applicable to any program you want to have.

How to Write a Sample Program

To outline your own sample program, it must be suitable for the event's theme or concept. There are factors needed to be considered and there are schedule practices you should bear in mind in making one. Do you have any idea about it? Well, if not, here are some factors you need to consider in writing your own program.

1. Decide Your Event Duration

Before making a program for an event, it is necessary to determine the duration of the event. This would serve as your guide as to how the program would be chunked into sections. When you know your program duration, try to break it down into 30-minute slots or hours so you can allocate enough time to achieve or perform the assigned activity. For instance, in a funeral, you can assign an hour for the eulogy and another hour for the grieving time of the family and relatives.

2. List Down the Activities

Include everything you want to achieve in the program. Highlight the activities that are essential in the program. List programs like the introductory speech, introduction of speakers and participants, event schedule, program site, acknowledgments, eating time, breakout session, and concluding rites. Each activity has enough time assigned to perform.

3. Plan for the Guests

Provide activities that would benefit your guests. They would need a regular comfort break, a chance to have a coffee or tea or even letting steam out and seek fresh air. The more the guests are comfortable and satisfied, the more they would grant your invitation to your next event. Also, if your event highlights people or groups of people, emphasize them into your program. If sponsors are present, they might as well acknowledge their presence because it would greatly help you in your company.

4. Pick Program's Overall Design

There are several types of printing methods you can apply to your program but there are three that are common—brochure, catalog, and booklet types. Also, take note as to what you would like in the cover. But always remember to indicate the event's name, the celebrants' name or the company's name. Also, decide as to what type of texture you want in your program. A little suggestion, a glossy cover is much better than the matte type as it would give protection to the cover. For the content, you can use the matte one.

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