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How To Create A Sales Receipt In Apple Pages

When a customer avails a product or service, he or she receives a document or electronic receipt that generally contains the name and address of the seller, and the transaction number, the date, the item purchased, and how much that item or service costs. The small paper or digital note that the customer received is called a sales receipt. It serves as proof of purchase and payment for both the retailer and the customer. A sales receipt should be kept because it can be useful for future purposes. If you are in a dilemma on how to make your sales receipt, you have visited the right website. is here to help you; you can download our receipt templates and follow the steps below.

1. Make An Outline Of The Receipt

Plan where you will place the company details, list of items, total amount, and the date of purchase. Receipts typically look all the same no matter its purpose. It all contains the same details, but it differs from the outline. There are many types of receipts, that is why you need to outline the receipt appropriately according to its transaction. To avoid confusion, you can use our sample receipt templates and use them as a reference.

2. Use Apple Pages

Apple Pages has the ability to create tables according to the words and paragraphs that you input on the document. Everything you have planned about your sales receipt will be a lot easier if you type it in Apple Pages. Good news because our sales receipt templates are accessible and compatible with Apple Pages.

3. Opt For Sales Receipt Templates

To make everything quick and easy, download and customize our sales receipt template instead of starting from nothing. We have tons of receipt templates that you can use, such as cash receipt templates, rent receipt templates, and sales receipt templates. Since you are going to make a sales receipt, no need to worry because our sales receipt templates are suitable for any type of transaction. Another feature is that they are all easily editable and contains suggestive headings.

4. Insert The Important Details

Our templates are all fillable and customizable, so this part is very easy for you. Just insert all the necessary details that are usually seen in a receipt. Include the company details, list of purchased items, total amount, mode of payment, date, and time of transaction. It will be good if you insert your company logo to justify that your small business is officially and legally running.

5. Provide Signatory Place

In case the customer makes their payment through credit card or debit card, this part will become helpful. Letting them sign on the provided space will be proof that both the customer and the retailer have a payment agreement that it will not be through bill handing but a card. Their sign will be used when the bank needs evidence that the customer did allow them to take charge a certain amount from their account.

6. Issue The Receipt

It is up to you if you will send the sales receipt digitally or as a form of document paper. Digitally sent sales receipts are usually issued when the customer purchased an item online. Using our receipt templates will be a benefit since they are all printable so no need to worry on how to print your sales receipt.

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