In the upcoming sales event for your business, what better way to spread the word than by producing eye-catching and informative flyers. Advertise your garage sales, yard sales, bakery sales, marketing sales, open house sales, product sales, food sales, and many more with our premium sales flyer templates. These files are ready-made and professionally designed to be easily customizable, printable, and downloadable. Available in (US) 8.5x11 inches with bleed. They are customizable in all versions of Apple Pages. These templates are easy to use. You can easily add, remove, and modify text and images to what you’re promoting. Download now and create the most engaging sales flyers to reach your maximum sales potential. 

How To Make A Sales Flyer In Pages?

A sales flyer helps you cut the promotional expenses, especially when you haven't reached your optimum sales yet. As a low-cost advertising material, it will surely help you gain more customers. Flyers are visually engaging and informative. In which sense, you get to conduct comprehensive measures in optimizing the growth of your business. Whether you wish to create a weekly or monthly promotion, we'll guide you al the way. Read these tips to guide you in making a sales flyer using Apple Pages.

1. Keep A Simple Content

Make your content short and straightforward. If possible, write your content using 40-60 words only. Make sure you don't overwhelm the reader with lots an lots of information. Otherwise, you'll lose both your actual and potential customers. Remember that nobody wants to feel like they're preached, so use minimal words. Always remember only to put the essential details. Such details include discounts, the opening of a new store, product-launching, etc. Besides, the design and the size of your sales flyer already limit the space for the information. Therefore, keep your information short and simple.

2. Divide By Sections

Always remember that the appearance of your sales flyer will affect your reader. If you put too many texts for details in a single section, your readers might be discouraged to read the flyer. Even at first glance, long paragraphs already look like giant walls. If that's the case, then your readers might be distracted from getting the most essential message. To reconcile this matter, you may use bullets and don't forget the white space — the space between your graphic design elements (shapes, vectors, texts, etc.). This way, you're making your sales flyer more pleasing in the eyes of your readers.

3. Add Directions

Since flyers are also used as a point of reference, then make sure you provide direction details. Such details include your physical store (e.g., grocery store, boutique, retail store, etc.), your contact information, and your business address. Make sure you specify such details to help your readers use it for future reference; if, there are no changes.

4. Include A Brief Compelling Testimonial

Using compelling testimonials are also essential in marketing your products. Testimonials help in convincing the skeptical ones to purchase your products and services. Upon doing so, use such testimonials that are well-written. Make sure that the testimony focuses on the product and the details of your business. This way, you have a strong network of advertising channels. Always remember that your customers can also be your "assistant advertisers" because they can help also help in selling your business. Hence, their compelling testimonials are a good help.

5. Limit Your Fonts

As you open Apple Pages on your MAC or any device, create a new file and decide which fonts to use. If possible, apply two to three fonts only. If you use multiple fonts, your sales flyer might look cluttered. In which case, the sales flyer might be uneasy to read and may turn off the readers. If you have a hard time choosing for fonts, you may also customize our well-written and beautifully designed sales flyer templates in Apple Pages. Once you're done, proofread, save, and print.

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