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How to Make a Sales Letter in Apple Pages?

A sales letter is a form of business communication that helps you convince both your potentials and customers about what you are selling. To make a sales letter, you can follow these guidelines below:

1. Understand the Concept of Making a Sales Letter

When you are given the job to do a sales letter for your company, and you are not familiar with how it's going to be done, then you must study it first. There are many things to incorporate when making a sales letter, so when you don't take the time to look into each one, you are going to mess up. Worst case, you might never have written anything when the deadline comes, and your bosses are hot on your trail. Do not rush into making any sales letter or formal document without analyzing it.

2. Know What You Should be Writing About

When you are done studying how a sales letter should be written, you can retake a look at the task given to you. You should now know what is it at this point. Are you tasked to do an online sales disclaimer? Advertising sales letter? Is it a new product announcement, perhaps? When you know what kind of sales letter you are going to make, it will be easier for you to draft a sample letter.

3. Write a Persuasive Introduction

"You only have 5 seconds to make an impression," they say. Your letter introduction should make that impact as well, especially when you are promoting a new line of product to a prospect. Sales letters are a form of business communication, and when you lost that momentum of getting their attention from the first line of the message, you would have failed. It would be better to organize your introduction from the get-go. You can informally write as not to bore your readers by writing in short sentences and using words they will easily understand.

4. Compose a Good Content to Engage

Even though the primary goal of sending a sales letter to a customer is to do business, make it so that your marketing will not turn into a hardcore promotional campaign. When writing your printable letter, think as if you are the customer yourself; be in their shoes. You do not want to read something that does not pique your interest, do you? Give your customers something that would make them continue reading. In the body of your letter, share with them things that they want to know and need to have. Explain to them in short but specific words about how your products or services would solve their problem, how it could benefit them, and until when.

5. End Your Letter with a Call to Action

There's no more powerful prompt to a customer but urgency. When you alert them to do action immediately after giving your point and stating why they should be engaging your services, give them something to do next like giving you a call by putting your number, or inviting them to visit your company and website. By doing so, you can expect a follow-up, and you are more likely to hear from them.

6. Finalize the Letter and Print

You are all set after going through the five steps above. Here, you will need to use a trusted editor that would make your letter look formal and professional. You can try out Apple Pages for this purpose. After that, print your sales letter and send them.

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