How to Write a Sales Agreement in Apple Pages

Sales agreements are legal contracts that bind both the seller and the buyer in a buy and sell transaction. This outlines the duties and responsibilities of both parties and gives them a chance to negotiate their terms and prices. Here are a few simple tips on what you may write in your sales agreement when using the Apple Pages file format.

1. Discuss Your Agreement

Before you proceed with your contract agreement signing, you need to discuss and go into details about your business agreement with your clients. What are you trying to offer them? Do they know the nature of your business? It is vital to let both parties know which terms and conditions to look out to avoid problems and conflict with your transactions. Doing this will protect your company's interest, as well as your client's welfare.

2. Describe Your Goods

One way to convince your buyers is by feeding them with the benefits your products can provide them. When you sell, you need to indicate your products and their relevant details to give awareness to your customers. If you are selling vehicles, used cars, and other automobiles, you need to indicate their type, model number, color and the size of the cars. If you are handling real estate, mobile homes, and other land properties, do the same thing. Write down every last detail in your legal agreement to ensure your customers the correct goods.

3. Provide Instructions for Purchase

It is a standard procedure to provide your instructions for purchase. Write down the name of your buyer, as well as the name of the vendor, the procedures and conditions you require to form your customers. Depending on the items your company offers, this includes the manner of how your products are sold and delivered to your customers. Specify what your buyers do one they have received the item, and what to do in case they have a problem with it.

4. Indicate Your Inspection Period

Many sales agreement tends to leave out the inspection period, but this little detail has importance. The inspection period allows your buyer to have ample time to check the product you delivered to them or the property you offered to them. Inspecting your item will help them find nonconforming goods and reject them before they pay the entire thing. This doesn't only save you from future problems, but also will make your customers think that you are trustworthy.

5. Include Your Product Warranties

Warranties are also one of the basic things your buyers overlook when purchasing an item, but this doesn't mean that you would not include this in your sale agreement. Your warranty period fully depends on your company's decision and policy. You can have a shorter warranty period for smaller and cheaper products, like a week or month. On the other hand, you can have a longer warranty period for bigger and expensive items, like 6 months or a year. What matters most is you follow closely to what you indicate in your agreement.

6. Name Your Price and Payment Details

The best part about selling is profiting. Name the price of each product ordered and indicate your payment schedule and details. How do you like your buyers to pay you? Do they need to pay you per month until they pay the entire amount or in a lump sum? Choose the one that meets halfway between your buyer and your company's needs.

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