When a word proposal comes across to someone's mind, they will automatically panic and overthink how to write it. Indeed it is a tough document to write. But, not all proposals are long and as complex as those professional and formal proposals. Sales proposals fall to the categories of simple proposals but are still helpful and important. Writing a sales proposal is useful in closing and increasing sales to the clients. Widen your business by downloading and using our easily-editable Sales Proposal template available in Apple Pages. Download one now while it still lasts!

How to Write a Sales Proposal in Apple Pages

A sales proposal may sometimes sound unnecessary, but in reality, it is essential most especially for small businesses. It is indeed tough to make one, but if you look at the benefits it will contribute, everything will be worth it. Sales proposals are created in hopes of closing a deal with the clients. Not only it can close a deal, but it can also increase your sales. If you want to increase your sales and revenue but are confused about how to write in a proposal format centered for sales, then consider our tips below.

1. Make it Brief

Unlike project proposals and bid proposals, sales proposals are more concise and are shorter in content. It is due to the executive summary that is written in the proposal. The sales proposal does not require any complicated design since, sometimes, it can be an informal proposal. The primary purpose of a sales proposal is simply a product selling proposal which is far from those long-form proposals like sales account business proposals.

2. Focus on the Objectives

A good sales proposal will not focus on the product, but it focuses on the problems of the clients. Instead of writing the capacities of your products, the first part of your proposal must be about the client's problems and needs. Doing so will pique the interest of the client and will make them believe that you are aiming to help them not just to merely close a sale.

3. Emphasize on the Problem Solving

After you are done listing the needs and the problems of the client, it is now time for you to state the things that you can do to solve or cater to their needs. This is the right timing for you to insert your products. You must highlight that with your products, their problems will be solved. But, avoid directly stating it, you must lay out a solution first then insert that your product is the best tool to achieve it. Your sales proposal must state the outcomes and benefits the clients will acquire, not the products that they need to pay.

4. Provide Options

People who are not given enough options will most likely lose interest in it. Every client loves freedom, so you must provide it to them. Provide them at least three options on how to, when to, and how many they can avail of your product. Giving them options will not only benefit them, but it can also help you. The three options can extend the levels of your sale in which eventually will convince them to avail of your services.

5. Turn it into a Contract

It is good to make the proposal have a contract on the last page. Since sales proposals are not that long and complicated, you can save one page for the contract part. Doing this will convince the client to close the deal and have a business with you immediately. This is a very effective way for business to business (b2b) marketing.

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