How to Make Concert Tickets in Illustrator

With many famous and upcoming artists and bands doing world tours nowadays, organizers see a considerable increase in sales for concert tickets. The majority of these organizers make use of concert tickets as a profitable marketing tool by giving fans other options using event tickets—whether a backstage pass or VIP seating. Furthermore, concert tickets make lovely keepsakes. Fans do not throw them away after the event; rather, they collect them and safely tuck them in a clear book or frame it up to preserve it. If you want to create a concert ticket that is both attractive and profitable, here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Organize a Concert

When you are hosting a concert event, be it a fundraiser, a music festival, or a live performance, you need to prepare a lot, including the allocation of budget. You have to brainstorm for ideas and collaborate with a team if you are planning to hold a big concert. Develop a solid plan starting with your venue, the stage props, staff, concessionaires, sponsors, bands, and performers; there are just too many to mention. You also have to decide what tickets you're going to create and what will sell to your target audience.

Decide on a concept for your concert. Having a concept will make it easier for you to make an event program fitting for the event and advertise the show to your target audience. To ensure success, the best thing to do is to create committees that will focus on particular departments.

2. Make an Event Checklist

Making an event planning checklist will aid you in preparation for the upcoming concert. Without a list, it will be hard to keep track of what you have been doing so far. Besides, you could waste a considerable amount of time when you forget important details. Categorized your activities and work with the committee on listing down points that you all need to work on. For your checklist to be effective, make them accordingly for each committee to track developments quickly.

3. Set the Date, Time, and Venue

When we talk about concerts, the best venue to be will be an outdoor arena or stadium. Avoid having conflicts with other events by making a reservation ahead of time. You have to consider a lot of things when renting an outdoor venue for a concert. Unpredictable weather may ruin your event. It could unexpectedly rain even in summer, so make sure you have a contingency plan for this kind of situation. Parking spaces and audience capacity should also be a part of your priority when planning. Before you proceed for a reservation, check the venue first to avoid problems later on.

When picking out the date and time for the event, ensure that your performers will be available on the same day. Check their schedules beforehand if you must. Concertgoers mostly prefer weekend nights; you can take advantage of this fact during the planning stage.

4. Start Making Your DIY Concert Tickets

Admission tickets, VIP tickets, and backstage passes are only a few of the printed pieces known to concertgoers. Back in the days, people pay more to get these materials individually. However, the system has changed, and now audiences enjoy the perks of concerts by buying just one ticket.

Begin designing your concert ticket using Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator has an array of features to help you create an aesthetically-pleasing ticket. Use the colors of your theme in the ticket to reflect your event. Pick images with high-resolutions to complement the colors. Arrange the details carefully to make it readable. And when printing them, use a sturdy paper stock that does not easily tear. When you distribute them, it is better to assign a ticket master that will solely focus on ticket sales.

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