How to Convert PDF to JPG in Adobe Reader

The great thing about Adobe is it allows you to convert PDF files to JPG images. This way, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues as most devices—with or without Adobe Reader installed—work well with JPG files.

How to Convert PDF to JPG in Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the leading PDF viewer worldwide and has been considered a trusted global standard for printing, sharing, annotating, and signing PDF files. It can interact with any PDF content, even multimedia and online forms, thus, making it an awesome addition to your digitally oriented office operations, especially when it comes to converting PDF files to JPG.

  • Step 1: Open PDF Document


    Open the PDF file that you would like to convert to JPG. To do this, just go straight to the “File” menu and select “Open” to display the “Open” dialog box, the gateway of your document. Navigate and locate your file and then click “Open”.

  • Step 2: Click Tools and Select Export PDF


    Go to the “Tools” tab. Look for “Export PDF” right under “Create & Edit” and click. As you tap on this, it will automatically take you to the “Export Your PDF to Any Format” window.

  • Step 3: Select Image and Choose JPEG


    At the “Export Your PDF to Any Format” page, you will be shown different formats and one of these is “Image”. Click on that so you will be prompted to the image format options. Select JPEG and continue with the JPEG setting option by clicking on the icon next to it.

  • Step 4: Configure the JPEG Settings


    Set the “File Settings” according to the grayscale, color, and format quality of the image you want to produce. When satisfied, click “OK”. Now, you can proceed to “Export”.

  • Step 5: Save the Converted File


    Once the conversion process is done, a “Save As” dialog box will be displayed forthwith. Save the file to a chosen destination folder, give it a file name, and then click “Save”. Remember to check the document if the changes have successfully applied before closing entirely.


Does a converted PDF file to JPG lose quality?

If the PDF file is saved directly as a JPG file without following the right process, there is a big chance of losing its quality, hence, pay heed to the instructions enumerated above a achieve good quality output.

How can a PDF file be converted to JPG in high quality?

Simply set the “File Settings” in the “Save As JPEG Settings” in high quality and this should give you the best possible image quality.

Is PDF better than JPG?

PDF files typically have higher quality than JPG files as the latter format normally compresses images that can result in a loss in quality.

What is the difference between PDF and JPG?

PDFs are document files while JPGs are graphic images.

What is the advantage of JPG?

JPG image is easy to work with, especially when editing, and it is also small in size and it has great compatibility with almost every device.

When is JPG most applicable?

JPG is best used when you want to print a photo or an artwork.