How to Make a Calendar in Adobe InDesign

Calendars help individuals to stay organized and manage their time wisely for their personal life and professional life. It is a systematic system used in creating and following a schedule and increasing one’s productivity. In this article, learn some basic steps in making a well-organized calendar in Adobe InDesign. how-to-make-a-calendar-in-adobe-indesign

How to Make a Calendar in Adobe InDesign

Create a simple calendar when you are setting goals, prioritizing tasks, creating a to-do list, planning for the future, adjusting plans, revisiting goals, monitoring your time, and observing the results. Below are some key steps to remember on how to make a calendar in InDesign.

  • Step 1: Set Up the Document


    Go to Adobe InDesign. Then, create a New Document, and modify the settings such as the width, height, units, orientation, and bleed.

  • Step 2: Set the Margin and Column


    Search for the Layout menu and select the Margins and Columns option. In the Margins and Columns dialog box, adjust the measurement of the margins and change the number of columns you need in your document.

  • Step 3: Use the Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard


    Go to the Scripts panel or head to the Windows menu and select Utilities > Scripts and under the Application folder in the Scripts panel, download and install the calendarWizard.js. After you installed the Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard, you may now modify the options and settings while making your calendar.

  • Step 4: Use the Paragraph Styles and Table Styles Panels


    To make some changes to the layout of your calendar, open the Paragraph Styles panel and choose the style you want for the calendar. Click Table Styles to modify the table setup of your document including the column strokes.

  • Step 5: Place an Image, Stylize the Calendar Title, and Export in PDF


    Choose an image for the top part of the calendar, place an image in the document, and use the Rectangle tool and other options to make a stylish background to the calendar title. Check the overall layout of the calendar if you want to make some adjustments, and then, save and export the file in PDF.


Can I design a calendar in Adobe InDesign?

You can design and edit a calendar using Adobe InDesign.

Does Adobe InDesign have a calendar template?

Yes, Adobe InDesign offers several templates for booklets, magazines, leaflets, flyers, and documents including calendars.

How do I create a weekly calendar in InDesign?

Make tables for a week, indicate the day of the week on each table, add the corresponding numbers, and add the name of the month at the top of the calendar.

How do I create a monthly plan in InDesign?

Add four columns and six rows for each side of the calendar, indicate each number of each day of the month, add the days of the month at the top of the table, add a column of lines for the notes section on the right side of the calendar, and place the name of the month above the table.

How do I install the calendar wizard in InDesign?

Unzip the calendarWizard.js .zip file, and relocate the folder “calendarWizard” following items the Adobe InDesign Scripts folder.