How to Add a Header to Adobe InDesign

A header is a top margin on each page of your document or publication. Headers are useful for adding material that you want to display on every page of a document including your name, the title of the document or publication, or page numbers. In this article, learn how to add a well-designed header in Adobe InDesign. how-to-add-a-header-to-adobe-indesign-featured-header

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How to Add a Header to Adobe InDesign

Headers in websites make the pages visually appealing to the visitors and make pages scannable. Below are some ways that you need to add a compelling header for your document using Adobe InDesign.

  • Step 1: Use the Type Tool

    Open a new document in Adobe InDesign. Then, go to the toolbar and select the Type tool and create a rectangular box for the header of your document.


  • Step 2: Add the Text

    Type the text in the header. If you want to make some changes in the font size, font style or any other things you want to modify in your header, go to the Character and Paragraph Styles panels at the right side of your InDesign workspace.


  • Step 3: Duplicate the Header

    After you made the header at the left page, add the header for the right page. Simply copy and paste the header you made at the left page and transfer the copy to the right page, and make some changes in the text according to your needs and preferences.



Where is the header in Adobe InDesign?

Find the header under the type menu and the running header definition is already made by default in the software.

What is a running header in InDesign?

A running header is an essential editorial design element generally used as it appears at the top left of each page of a document and is a replica of the tile of that specific page or section.

Is the running header the same as the title?

The running header is a shortened version of the title of your document.

How to unlock the header in InDesign?

Go to the Pages panel, right-click to bring up option, and select “override all master page items.”