How to Add a Watermark in Adobe InDesign

Watermarks are semitransparent texts or faded background images that are placed behind the text in a document or a publication. They indicate the confidentiality or copyright of the material. In this article, learn how to add a watermark easily in Adobe InDesign. how-to-add-a-watermark-in-adobe-indesign-featured-header

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How to Add a Watermark in Adobe InDesign

Watermarking is very crucial for providing copyright protection of your document, design, or publication work, ensuring that it cannot be modified or reused without your permission, and it is also used as a branding technique to get your name out and increase brand awareness. Below are some ways that you need to follow when you add a watermark using Adobe InDesign.

  • Step 1: Use the Type Tool

    Open your document in Adobe InDesign. Then, use the Type tool and type the text you want for the watermark.


  • Step 2: Stylize the Text

    Go to the Properties panel on the right side of your InDesign workspace. Modify the font size and font style of the text in the Characters panel.


  • Step 3: Change the Opacity of the Text

    Select the text and tilt it slightly and position it at the center. Go to the Appearance panel and change the percentage of opacity to 7% to watermark the text on the document.



Can I add a watermark in Adobe InDesign?

Yes, go to Window > Utilities and search for the InDesign scripting which lets you add a watermark to your document or publication.

How to watermark a JPEG image?

Select Watermark on the Page Layout tab, choose Custom Watermark, select Picture Watermark, click Select Picture, use your own picture or search online for free images, select the picture you preferred and choose Insert.

What is an image watermark?

An image watermark is a type of watermark superimposed onto an image to identify the name of the photographer.

What is the purpose of watermarks?

Watermarks can be utilized in protecting confidential details and showing the validity of a legal document or publication.