How to Make a GIF in Adobe Illustrator

Nowadays, GIFs are mostly used on numerous social media pages as they represent a feeling or action.  These moving images in small format can tell different stories or illustrate points in a very short amount of time. In this article, learn how to easily make attention-grabbing GIFs in Adobe Illustrator. how-to-make-a-gif-in-adobe-illustrator-featured-header

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How to Make a GIF in Adobe Illustrator

Many brands and organizations use video-based GIFs, animation-based GIFs, and GIF Stickers in their advertising and marketing. Below are simple steps that you can follow if you need to make a compelling GIF for your work in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Step 1: Create a Document

    Open your Adobe Illustrator and create a document for your GIF with a width and height of 1000 pixels. Click More Settings, indicate a specific number like 10 in the Number of Artboards for the frames of your GIF, click the direction options and choose how Illustrator will arrange the artboards, type the name of your file, and tap Create Document.

  • Step 2: Arrange the Frames to Artboards

    Place the PNG images you will use for your GIF. Arrange the frames to their respective artboards: from top left to bottom right, and adjust the spaces of the images accordingly.

  • Step 3: Export the Files and Save in PNG Format

    When you’re done arranging the frames, click File > Export > Export As… Save the files in PNG format, check the box for Use Artboards and All, and click Export.

  • Step 4: Convert File into GIF

    Go to a GIF converter website or an online animated GIF maker. Insert the frames to the GIF maker, drag and drop the frames to change order, edit the delay time and other options, and click Make a GIF.


What does GIF mean?

GIF means graphics interchange format which contains a size reduction of images and short animations.

Can you make a GIF in Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator can’t convert still frames into a GIF, however, you can export the still frames from the program and use its Motion workspace to convert them into a GIF.

How to save an Illustrator file as GIF?

Select File > Export > Export Image or File > Export > Export Animated GIF.

What resolution should a GIF be?

A GIF should have a size and resolution of 480 pixels x 480 pixels.

How many frames must a GIF have?

The standard GIFs have 15-24 frames per second.