How to Open EPS Files in GIMP

Learn how to open EPS in GIMP. That way, you won’t find it puzzling when you need to work with an EPS file while editing images on GIMP. how-to-open-eps-files-in-gimp

How to Open EPS Files in GIMP

The latest version of GIMP lets you open EPS files without any difficulty. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  • Step 1: Open GIMP and click ‘File’

    To get started, open GIMP and move your cursor upwards to the menu bar. Click on ‘File’.

  • Step 2: Choose ‘Open’

    Scroll through the dropdown and click Open. A dialog box will open and from there, choose your EPS file and click the Open button.


  • Step 3: Process the EPS data

    A dialog box will open right after, known as the Import from PostScript. It shows basic options on how to process the data. You can place your adjustments accordingly.


  • Step 4: Set both options to Strong

    Remember to set the Text Antialiasing and Graphic Antialiasing to the Strong setting. Finally, click Import and you are all set!


Can I open multiple EPS files?

No, you can only open one EPS file at a time.

Can I easily open EPS files in other programs besides GIMP?

Yes, you can as the latest versions are all able to open it just as normal as PNG and JPEG files.

Do I need an online plug-in to process an EPS file?

Not anymore, as the latest versions of editing software can open EPS files unlike a couple of years ago when plug-ins were indeed required.