How to Save Transparency on .EPS File

Find out how to save transparency on a .EPS file. That way, you can save any unique visuals that you made on your EPS image. how-to-save-transparency-on-.eps-file

How to Save Transparency on .EPS File

Saving an EPs file with a transparent background takes a few seconds. Here are four steps on how to get it done in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Step 1: Create an Image on Adobe Illustrator

    To get started on saving the transparency of your EPS file, open Adobe Illustrator and create your image content.


  • Step 2: Click ‘File’ and ‘Export’

    Go to the menu and click on ‘File’, a dropdown will appear and then click on ‘Export’.

  • Step 3: Change File Format

    A dialog box will appear. From there, you can change the file format to EPS on the dropdown located near the ‘Save’ button. After that’s done, click on the ‘Save’ button.

  • Step 4: Select ‘Transparent’

    After clicking the ‘Save’ button another dialog box is left where you can choose the EPS options to render your file. Choose ‘Transparent’ from the dropdown and then click ‘OK’. And that is how you save transparency on a .eps file.



Do EPS files support transparency in Illustrator?

Not exactly; when you open an EPs file in Illustrator, you are seeing a combination of a native file and an EPS file.

Can I save several EPs files and their transparent background at the same time?

No, you will need to export and save one EPS file at a time.

Is there a shortcut to instantly save EPs files with a transparent background?

No, there is no known shortcut key to save an EPS file so far.