How to Add a Column in Apple Numbers

Columns and rows are what make up the structure of a spreadsheet. Whether you are creating a sales report, balance sheet, budget, or even just a simple checklist in Apple Numbers, it is imperative to know how to add columns and rows to your spreadsheet.  how-to-add-a-column-in-apple-numbers

How to Add a Column in Apple Numbers

In any spreadsheet application including Apple Numbers, one of the most basic and simple functions there is to learn is how to add a column. Try adding a single or multiple columns in Apple Numbers by following the instruction guide below.

  • Step 1: Click on the Add Column Function


    If you run out of space on your spreadsheet, you can easily insert additional columns by clicking on the vertical equal sign (two lines) button. This function is located right beside the last column on your spreadsheet. Clicking on the icon immediately adds another column and you can add as many columns as needed.

  • Step 2: Insert Additional Rows


    If your spreadsheet contains several columns, you may want to add more rows as well. This step is optional. In the same way, there is an encircled equal sign icon located below the last row. Click on it to add a new row to your spreadsheet. You can add as many rows as you want.

  • Step 3: Select the Column Actions Function


    An alternative way to add a column in Apple Numbers is by highlighting any column and once you see the prompt, click on Column Actions from the option menu.

  • Step 4: Add Columns Before and After


    The Column Actions menu presents several functions and tools. You can add a new column either after or before your selected column. Note that you can select or highlight more than one column at a time.


How do I add a column in Apple Numbers?

The fastest and easiest way to add a new column in Apple Numbers is by clicking on the vertical equal sign icon next to the last column in your spreadsheet.

How do I add rows and columns in Apple Numbers?

You can add as many rows and columns as you want by clicking on the vertical equal sign button (for columns) and the equal sign button (for rows) that can be found beside the last column and below the last row of your spreadsheet, respectively.

How do I add rows in Apple Numbers?

Insert additional rows by clicking on the equal sign located right below the last row of your spreadsheet or by highlighting a row then clicking Row Actions and choosing either Add Row Above or Add Row Below.

How do I add multiple columns in Apple Numbers?

To add multiple columns in Apple Numbers, select, drag, and hold any number of columns and click on the Column Actions function. Select Add Columns Before or Add Columns After to insert multiple columns.

What is the fastest way to add up a column of numbers?

The fastest way to add values in a column is to highlight the entire column, click the Cell button, then select Sum from the Quick Formulas menu.