How to Put Page Numbers in Apple Numbers

Page numbers are critical elements for the audience or readers to locate the contents of your spreadsheets easily. This aspect helps both the author and readers grasp the count of pages and ensure simple navigation when skimming. how-to-put-page-numbers-in-apple-numbers

How to Put Page Numbers in Apple Numbers

Putting page numbers in apple numbers might be not-so challenging; however, several beginners using apple numbers might find it tough to navigate its tools. Hence, we prepared steps to guide you to have a smooth sail using apple numbers.

  • Step 1: Create a Document

    To get started, you will need to create a document first. When you open apple numbers, you can see multiple templates you can use for your spreadsheets. Simply click one, or if you prefer– you can start a blank document.

  • Step 2: Locate the Page Number Indicator Box

    There is an easy way of putting page numbers in your apple number document. You will need to drag or move your mouse cursor to the top or bottom of the sheet. You can choose whether you want your page number located at the top or below your document. When you move your mouse cursor above/below your sheet, there will be a box with three sections where you can click to see the insert page number bubble.

  • Step 3: Choose a Page Number Style

    After you click the insert page number bubble, you will see a dropdown, allowing you to choose from various page number styles you want. Simply click a single option. After that, your page numbers will automatically show on the next page.

  • Step 4: Insert Page Number

    There are more features you can do to insert page numbers. On the top right corner, you can see buttons, including the insert function. You need to click that button to see the dropdown containing options, including the page number. You can select a place in your document by clicking on a specific part of the page, clicking the insert button, and inserting the page number. That way, your page number will be inserted in your intended place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are page numbers crucial?

It is natural for documents to have page numbers since it helps readers and authors navigate pages efficiently, leading them to save time.

Is the apple numbers app easy to use?

Apple numbers have convenient tools and features; however, beginners might need a bit of tutorial to recognize and use the tools for them to ensure they use them correctly.

How to edit rows and columns in apple numbers?

You will need to choose a spreadsheet template first, click the table, and by doing that the sidebar tool will show itself, presenting toolbars such as a table, cell, data, and arrange, click the table button to see the column and row edit section.

How to add tables in apple numbers?

You can add a table by clicking the table icon above your sheet, allowing you to choose table style from its dropdown after you click it.

How to add shapes in apple numbers?

You can simply click the shape icon located above your document, showing a dropdown; you can choose your chosen shape.