How to Make a Rack Card in Word

Rack cards are sort of like small versions of brochures and they’re among the most effective print marketing materials out there. They’re great instruments to promote products, services, events, non-profit causes, and company brands. So if you’re planning to use them to promote something, that would be a great idea. So with that said, we’ll help you create rack cards by sharing our quick guide below. how-to-make-a-rack-card-in-word

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For Windows: Search rack card templates, add company name, logo, and slogan, provide complete info (products, services, events), add relevant images, review then print and save.

For Mac: Find rack card templates on the search box, click on the chosen template to start creating, customize the template, add necessary details, polish then print and save.

How to Make Rack Cards Using Templates in Word

Microsoft Word isn’t just an application for creating simple documents in Microsoft Office. It also has tools to craft artistic print media such as flyers, brochures, and of course, rack cards. So without further delay, here are the basic steps in making rack cards in Word.

1. Open Microsoft Word on your PC. You can look for it in the taskbar’s search box. Word is pre-installed in most computers, especially those with Windows OS. If your OS is Windows 10, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to use Word. But you can opt for the free web version on

2. Search for rack card templates in the Microsoft templates gallery in Word. Type “rack cards” on the search box. If you can’t find any, use our rack card templates instead. They’re of fine quality, especially in terms of format and design. Many of them are free to download.


3. Once you’ve opened your chosen template, start customizing it. Input your company name and slogan and attach your company logo.


Note: In typing the company name and slogan, use the right font styles and colors. Make sure that they enhance readability rather than diminishing it.

4. Input complete information about the product, service, or event that you’re promoting. This includes prices, discount rates, date, time, venue, requirements, qualifications, and more. Type them below or anywhere where they fit perfectly on your rack card.


5. Add relevant images that improve your rack card’s presentability. You can insert them at the bottom just like the sample shown on the screenshot. Add images by clicking Insert and selecting Picture. Make sure to insert images with good pixel quality.


6. Review the content of your rack card. Double-check if there are any typos and if the design is just right. After that, you can save and print your rack card. Just click File and select Save As and Print.


How to Make a Rack Card in Word Using Mac

If you’re a Mac user, Word is slightly different for you. There are some minor differences in the process that we’ll walk you through. They’re easy to follow and execute. So bear with us. These steps are best used for Word 2011 in Mac, but you can still apply them on newer versions.

1. Open Word in your Mac and go to the New Document screen. Once you’re there, search for rack card templates on the search bar.


2. If you can’t find any rack card templates, feel free to search our broad selection of rack cards. They’re customizable in MS Word.

3. Once you find the rack card template you need, click on it then click the Create option.


4. At this point, you can follow the steps in customizing rack cards for the Windows version. You add your company name, company logo, product info, event information, and other essential details. Then insert images and change font colors and font styles.

5. Review everything, save the rack card file in your folder or cloud drive, and print anytime you need to do so.