50+ Roadmap Samples, Format & Examples 2022

When companies come up with a plan, they use a PowerPoint presentation and prepare an infographic roadmap. The roadmap represents a product timeline or a business strategy for the board or the management. 50-roadmap-samples-format-examples-2021

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The roadmap serves as a visual representation of a coherent document giving information about particular projects. It shows how a business follows planned developments over time and visualizes the steps to success. Below are 50 samples and examples of roadmaps, and learn to apply them for your next presentation!

1. PowerPoint Roadmap Sample

Roadmaps are commonly within a PowerPoint presentation about a company’s plans for the future. It breaks down the steps in a concise yet informative pattern for easier comprehension.

simple-buiness-roadmapUse This Business Roadmap Sample

2. Infographic Roadmap Example

Roadmap designs vary from one another, and one may have more colors or pictures. Infographic roadmaps help visualize your plan and have your audience easily understand a presentation.

File Format
  • PDF

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Download at manufuture.eu

3. Product Roadmap Sample

Product roadmaps focus on product endorsements, marketing, or production. It details each process consecutively to achieve the best result affecting the company. These roadmaps help release the products to the market with ease.

new-product-roadmapUse This New Product Roadmap Sample

4. Timeline Roadmap Sample

A timeline roadmap details phases or quarters a plan undergoes over a constrained period. It helps break down work during different times and focus on the necessary steps within an interval.

sample-timeline-roadmapUse This Timeline Roadmap Sample

5. Project Roadmap Sample

After a team decides on a project plan, they can represent the process using a project roadmap. It helps the management understand various parts of the project with ease, detailing each step.

project-implementation-roadmapUse This Project Implementation Roadmap Sample

6. Business Roadmap Sample

Business roadmaps tackle different parts of the organization, including sales, marketing, and product strategies. It breaks down the expectations of a company within the separate quarters of a year.

editable-business-roadmapUse This Editable Business Roadmap Sample

7. Strategy Roadmap Sample

Businesses often hold strategic meetings with board members and the management to show possible strategy plans for the year. In doing so, a strategy roadmap presents helpful. It also helps to identify the completed steps.

simple-strategy-roadmapUse This Simple Strategy Roadmap Sample

8. Success Roadmap Sample

It takes grit and perseverance when committing to success, especially for startup companies. Visualizing your success through a roadmap can help the business to see its goals and never lose direction.

startup-success-roadmapUse This Startup Success Roadmap Sample

9. Agile Roadmap Sample

An agile roadmap serves as a critical planning and communication tool for the company. It helps teams to communicate across different parts of the organization with their daily activities and accomplishments.

agile-product-roadmap-1Use This Agile Product Roadmap Sample

10. Development Roadmap Sample

In keeping track of plans and projects, a development roadmap helps with tracking the company’s progress. It visualizes where the company lies in the spectrum and how far it is to achieve success.

company-development-roadmapUse This Company Development Roadmap Sample

11. Transformation Roadmap Example

A transformation roadmap helps the company see its commercial development from a particular year, noting all the changes and innovations the organization went through and will go through in the future.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 286 KB

Download at belfastcity.gov.uk

12. Visual Roadmap Example

A visual roadmap envisions processes for a company to achieve a program. It briefly describes the proper steps for employees to accomplish a plan, similar to the wellness plan below.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 177 KB

Download at hca.wa.gov

13. Technology Roadmap Sample

Technology plays a critical role when planning for new products or projects. A technology roadmap allows you to visualize the processes concerning tech and how each step affects the development stages of the plan.

product-technology-roadmapUse This Product Technology Roadmap Sample

14. Design Roadmap Sample

In creating design roadmaps, you focus on the steps before and after a launch. When it comes to website designs, it must start with the project definition up to the maintenance of the website.

website-design-roadmapUse This Website Design Roadmap Sample

15. Marketing Roadmap Sample

A marketing roadmap focuses on the processes concerning the product’s appearance and how the public views it. The roadmap tackles different aspects of the marketing strategy over a prolonged duration.

sample-marketing-roadmapUse This Marketing Roadmap Sample

16. Software Roadmap Sample

It is advantageous to sit down with software engineers and designers to get comprehensive information regarding a software roadmap. They can help visualize the steps you can include in the presentation.

software-design-roadmapUse This Software Design Roadmap Sample

17. Journey Roadmap Example

Something is rewarding when it comes to looking back on an individual’s journey in their volunteer work, especially if the cause is close to their heart. Creating a journey roadmap on the voluntary process helps gain more people to join the cause.

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Download at JourneyCare

18. Planning Roadmap Sample

Hiring dependable staff comes with its challenges. However, having a planning roadmap to help the HR department to recruit reliable personnel helps save time and resources.

hr-workforce-planning-roadmapUse This HR Workforce Planning Roadmap Sample

19. Future Roadmap Example

A company’s success relies on its ability to foresee a positive future for the business and personnel. The company must concern itself with a future roadmap that also focuses on digital marketing plan innovations.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 679 KB

Download at dixital.cec.es

20. Creative Roadmap Sample

A creative roadmap understands the intricacies of the business industry where the company belongs. It helps the company with adjustments to future product releases and promotions.

simple-creartive-roadmapUse This Simple Creative Roadmap Sample

21. Icon Roadmap Sample

Using icon roadmaps helps with making a presentation visually pleasing, aside from being informative. An icon roadmap helps with complicated engineering processes. Just remember to seek help from your engineering team on this one.

engineering-roadmapUse This Engineering Roadmap Sample

22. Blank Roadmap Sample

A blank roadmap allows you to make necessary additions or revisions to a plan. Beginning with a blank roadmap design helps business agencies to make the requisite edits along the way.

blank-roadmap-2Use This Blank Roadmap Sample

23. Excel Roadmap Sample

Roadmaps come in all shapes, sizes, and formats. Some roadmaps can fit perfectly in Excel worksheets, and they are easily understandable too.

sample-business-roadmapUse This Business Roadmap Sample

24. Goals Roadmap Sample

In creating your company’s goals roadmap, ensure you follow the SMART goals. Make your plans specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. It also pays to include markers or legends on the roadmap, whether the goals are complete or ongoing.

business-goals-roadmapUse This Business Goals Roadmap Sample

25. Process Roadmap Sample

The purpose of a process roadmap is to simplify the explanation of complicated plans and programs of the company. Ensure you show the step-by-step method and visual tools to make it more coherent.

process-roadmapUse This Process Roadmap Sample

26. Technical Roadmap Example

In creating a technical proposal, you need a technical roadmap to back up your data and studies. It helps your audience better understand processes related to achieving the goals of the proposal.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 0.98 MB

Download at energy.gov

27. HR Roadmap Sample

Human resources touch upon various departments relating to employees, management, and relationships. An HR roadmap visualizes how they assess employee performance, management processes, and relationship concerns.

hr-analytics-roadmapUse This HR Analytics Roadmap Sample

28. IT Roadmap Sample

An IT roadmap describes and visualizes the IT department’s goals about a plan or program. It briefly explains processes to be done to achieve the goals within a timeframe. It is also helpful to mark if a process is complete, in progress, or upcoming.

free-simple-it-roadmapUse This Simple IT Roadmap Sample

29. Plan Roadmap Sample

Once a team produces a successful business development plan, they must provide a coherent plan roadmap. It allows all members of management to understand what makes the development plan successful in the future.

business-development-plan-roadmapUse This Business Development Plan Roadmap Sample

30. Innovation Roadmap Example

A small or large company must be ready to have an innovation roadmap for their business. Times, technology, and market change rapidly, and it is advisable to research current trends to ensure the company continues to flourish in the future.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 1.3 MB

Download at oesac.org

31. Strategic Roadmap Sample

In formulating strategic approaches to product manufacturing and promotion, your strategic roadmap must present the steps from the bottom up. Identifying what the client market needs and wants up to the campaign launch of the product.

product-strategy-roadmapUse This Product Strategy Roadmap Sample

32. Presentation Roadmap Sample

When it comes to the final presentation of a plan, a comprehensive presentation roadmap seals the deal. The success of the display also depends on the visual qualities. Ensure every text is readable and the colors mix well with each other.

simple-presentation-roadmapUse This Simple Presentation Roadmap Sample

33. Change Roadmap Sample

Companies go through inevitable changes along the way. Presenting a change management plan through a change roadmap helps your staff to make necessary adjustments within a given timeline without pressuring them.

change-management-roadmapUse This Change Management Roadmap Sample

34. Program Roadmap Sample

A program roadmap allows you to visualize the processes you need to make your program successful. It must start from setting your objectives following through the evaluation report. It also helps to mark the accomplished tasks.

simple-program-roadmapUse This Simple Program Roadmap Sample

35. Management Roadmap Sample

When it comes to evaluating management performances, you must be very clear on the involved processes. A management roadmap identifies and describes the steps in management evaluations.

simple-management-roadmapUse This Simple Management Roadmap Sample

36. Milestone Roadmap Example

All victories are worth celebrating. Looking back on the planning processes and steps to get the company on its current status helps the company with future goals. A milestone roadmap details just that.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 422 KB

Download at is.uy

37. Security Roadmap Sample

A reliable security system to safeguard your company must always be a priority. A security roadmap details the company’s preventive measures that protect the organization’s people and property.

security-strategy-roadmapUse This Security Strategy Roadmap Sample

38. Project Management Roadmap Sample

A project management roadmap keeps the company updated on the status of a project. It also helps identify the involvement of individuals or teams in a particular process in the project plan.

project-management-roadmap-templateUse This Project Management Roadmap Sample

39. Visio Roadmap Example

A Visio roadmap allows you to tackle and create roadmaps most simply, with sectioning and overlapping processes. It creates a coherent and complete map of the performance of your product plan.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 386 KB

Download at virginia.edu

40. Learning Roadmap Example

A learning roadmap is a necessary tool that highlights the steps to responsible teaching. Students deserve to get the best education teachers can offer, even if it is online. As educators, you must create a roadmap to help you remember the processes to better teaching.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 875 KB

Download at uncc.edu

41. Technology Roadmap Sample

Creating a technology roadmap is essential to companies at the present age. Ensuring that your company follows the trends of the digital world.

it-technology-roadmapUse This IT Technology Roadmap Sample

42. Science Roadmap Sample

In terms of data analysis and data science, a science roadmap is necessary to show the progress of plans backed by studies. It is necessary to show the method of data collection through the roadmap.

data-science-project-roadmapUse This Data Science Project Roadmap Sample

43. Career Roadmap Sample

A career roadmap is special to employees. As an organization, encourage your staff to create their roadmaps to help with their growth. Include self-assessment, decision-making, and work goals.

simple-career-roadmapUse This Simple Career Roadmap Sample

44. Training Roadmap Sample

The management and the human resource team continue to help their employees develop through training programs. A training roadmap helps validate the process of each training program.

program-training-roadmapUse This Program Training Roadmap Sample

45. Application Roadmap Sample

An application roadmap focuses on the steps of creating an application. It details the different stages and quarters of the production. It serves as the development team’s scheduling basis.

application-roadmapUse This Application Roadmap Sample

46. Communication Roadmap Sample

In every organization, hierarchical trees are corresponding to each department. A communication roadmap shows all employees the corresponding steps to communicate with people from the same and different departments.

sample-communication-roadmapUse This Communication Roadmap Sample

47. Company Roadmap Sample

A company roadmap holds the business’ main goals and objectives. It helps illustrate the timeline and strategies the company uses to achieve its purposes. It details all the steps necessary to get from the start to the endpoint.

simple-company-roadmap-templateUse This Simple Company Roadmap Sample

48. Development Roadmap Sample

When a company creates a new product, it is necessary to have a comprehensive development roadmap to show the steps from the creation to the marketing. It is also helpful to indicate complete, ongoing, and upcoming tasks.

new-product-development-roadmapUse This New Product Development Roadmap Sample

49. Employee Roadmap Sample

An employee roadmap shows processes an individual takes to grow in an organization. From identifying internal issues up to the evaluation and approval of the management.

sample-employee-roadmapUse This Employee Roadmap Sample

50. Engineering Roadmap Sample

Most engineering roadmaps highlight different phases of a project. Each plan starts with a needs assessment and ends with testing and redesigning. Make sure to indicate which tasks are complete and those still pending.

engineering-project-roadmapUse This Engineering Project Roadmap Sample


Roadmaps come in different forms and designs, and each one is unique on its own. These documents do not have a standardized format. However, here are the elements that are useful when completing your roadmap.

1. Statement of Purpose

The purpose or vision of the roadmap speaks about the ultimate goal of conducting research. Initial visions are necessary to start building a roadmap. However, it does not necessarily have to be the endpoint.

2. Strategies

The roadmap must indicate various strategies when it comes to conducting research or manufacturing products. There must be a solid explanation of the benefits of completing the plan and serves as the company’s guide to staying consistent.

3. Requirements

Requirements are either tangible or intangible materials that aid with research and manufacturing. It also includes acquiring information on consumer trends and clients’ needs and wants.

4. The Plan

No roadmap is complete without a comprehensible plan. It details how the company goes about ensuring the vision for the research and manufacturing are met. It is necessary to create a timeline and prioritize the processes within the period.

5. Markers

Markers or legends allow members of the group to communicate with each other regarding the completion of tasks. An individual can indicate if a task is ongoing, pending, or complete.


What is in a roadmap?

A roadmap represents a strategic plan defining goals and objectives that describes comprehensive steps to complete it.

How do you create a roadmap?

  • Identify your strategy
  • Evaluate and manage ideas
  • Define possible requirements
  • Organize timelines
  • Implement ideas

Why are roadmaps important?

Roadmaps help with self-awareness, provides a framework for success, give insight on strengths and weaknesses, and allows individuals to communicate.

What makes a good roadmap?

A roadmap provides audiences with a visual representation of the vision and company goals. It must be easy to understand and effective.

What is a roadmap in product management?

These types of roadmaps are graphical, providing a strategic overview a company takes to present results within a timeline.