50+ YouTube Thumbnail Ideas & Examples 2022

The majority of people nowadays use YouTube to make money. If you’re a YouTube influencer, you’re probably well aware of the value of a YouTube thumbnail. However, if you aren’t, it’s just a snapshot of your video. Good video thumbnails are engaging and can quickly inform a potential viewer about the content of the video. 50-youtube-thumbnail-ideas-inspiration-2021

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To create a YouTube Thumbnail of your very own, follow the following steps:

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50+ YouTube Thumbnail Ideas & Examples 2022

Now, if you’re one of those people who are struggling to find the right thumbnails for their videos, then this article is for you. Whatever you may need or want, you can check out our available 50 plus YouTube Thumbnail ideas and inspiration.

1. Include Title Text

Including the title text in your thumbnail can help you deliver your context and content fluently. Take a look at how the ‘Father’s Day‘ thumbnail idea presents its meaning without even digging into the main video.

free-fathers-day-youtube-video-thumbnail Use This Father's Day YouTube Thumbnail

2. Use the Right Font and Font Size

Using the right font and font size can help you make your thumbnail look more interesting and engaging. Take a look at how our ‘Memorial Day Template‘ below make it possible.

free-memorial-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Memorial Day YouTube Thumbnail

3. Great Slogan Could Help

Having a great slogan or word can help you catch the attention of your viewers. The more appealing it is, the more viewers want to view your videos. The perfect example of it is the ‘Travel Agency‘ YouTube thumbnail and the ‘Triumph Sermon’ template design.

travel-youtube-thumbnail-template1 Use This Travel YouTube Thumbnail



4. Be Simple

Nothing could go wrong with having simple designs. Simplicity has a powerful impact on every design. It doesn’t overwhelm everything and could convey the message clearly. The perfect example of that is the ‘Cyber Monday‘ YouTube thumbnail idea.cyber-monday-youtube-thumbnail-template1 Use This Cyber MondayYouTube Thumbnail

5.  Use Space Correctly

Using the space correctly can avoid overwhelming your designs. According to experts, when we see space in design, it allows us to imagine and roam freely. Take our ‘Yoga Pose’ template and the other thumbnail design below as examples.

yoga-poses-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Yoga Poses YouTube Thumbnail



6. Play With Colors

Nothing’s wrong with playing with colors. Not all the time, plain colors would work. Sometimes you should choose various colors to combine. Take the ‘Art Tips’ thumbnail design as an example.

art-tips-youtube-thumbnail-template1 Use This Art Tips YouTube Thumbnail

7.  Use Fine Contrast With Bright Background

People love contrasting colors. That is why it can easily attract them the most. So don’t be afraid to use fin contrast with a bright background. Take the ‘Chinese New Year’ thumbnail design as an example.

chinese-new-year-youtube-thumbnail-template1 Use This Chinese New Year YouTube Thumbnail

8.  If Applicable, Go Dark

Nothing can go wrong with going dark, only if applicable and relatable with the theme. Take a look at how the ‘Youtube Gaming Banner‘ thumbnail idea suits it well.

youtube-gaming-thumbnail-template1 Use This YouTube Gaming YouTube Thumbnail

9. Plain Colored Background Is Okay

Sometimes, plain background works well with the context. It portrays simplicity and sophistication without overwhelming the design. Take our ‘Influencer post‘ thumbnail design and the “Smiling Girl’ Youtube Thumbnail template below as examples.

influencer-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Influencer YouTube Thumbnail

10. Play with Hues

Playing with gradient hues can result in a unique design. So don’t be afraid to make use of its shades in designing your thumbnails. Take a look at how the ‘Patriot’s Day‘ template uses the tints and shades to form a beautiful style.

free-patriots-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Patriot's Day YouTube Thumbnail

11. Use Shapes

Shapes can help you create a perfect and enticing thumbnail for your YouTube videos. According to experts, shapes can add substance to a piece of graphic work. Take a look at how the ‘Shopping template‘ makes use of the shapes.

shopping-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Shopping YouTube Thumbnail

12. Lines are Important

Lines are important in designing. According to designers, you can use lines to convey movement and texture. So don’t be afraid to use it. Take a look at how the ‘Thanksgiving Day‘ cover photo makes use of the lines.

thanksgiving-youtube-channel-cover-photo Use This Thanksgiving Cover Photo YouTube Thumbnail

13. Right Angle

Capturing the right angle can help you entice viewers. The perfect example of that is the ‘Furniture’ thumbnail idea design.

furniture-trends-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Furniture YouTube Thumbnail

14. Use Symmetry

Using symmetry isn’t bad. It shows the balance of the design. Take a look at how the ‘Earth Day’ thumbnail design showcases its balance by using perfect symmetry.

free-international-earth-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Earth Day YouTube Thumbnail

15. Asymmetrical Lines Would Work

Nothing could go wrong with using asymmetrical lines, especially if you’re using it the right way. Take a look at how the ‘Christmas Gift‘ thumbnail template makes use of asymmetrical lines perfectly.

christmas-gift-ideas-youtube-thumbnail Use This Christmas Gift Ideas YouTube Thumbnail

16. Use the Right Pattern

Using an accurate pattern can result in a robust and perfectly parallel design. Look at how the ‘Fornite Gaming’ YouTube Thumbnail and the other template uses the appropriate style.

fortnite-youtube-thumbnail-template2 Use This Fortnite Gaming YouTube Thumbnail



17. Use Quotes

One way to attract viewers to view your YouTube videos is by featuring quotes on your thumbnail. Take the ‘Martin Luther King Day‘ thumbnail design as an example.

martin-luther-king-day-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Martin Luther King Day YouTube Thumbnail

18. Be Festive

Nothing could go wrong with festive designs as long as it is well-arranged and relatable with the theme or content. Take the ‘Hanukkah Celebration’ YouTube thumbnail template as an example.

hanukkah-youtube-thumbnail-template2 Use This Hanukkah Celebration YouTube Thumbnail

19. Choose the Right Graphics and Icons

Graphics and icons can dramatically affect your style. So be sure that you’re using the perfect fit for the content and theme. Take a look at how the ‘National Day of Prayer‘ thumbnail template makes use of the ideal graphics.

national-day-of-prayer-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This National Day of Prayer YouTube Thumbnail

20. Choose the Great Background

Using a great background can easily attract potential viewers. So don’t be afraid to use the best backdrop that you have. Take the ‘Palm Sunday’ thumbnail template as an example.

palm-sunday-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Palm Sunday YouTube Thumbnail

21. Use Great and Relevant Photo

Since thumbnails convey the message of your content, it is natural that you should use photos that are relevant to your content. Take a look at how the ‘Makeup Artist‘ template uses the appropriate picture.

makeup-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Makeup YouTube Thumbnail

22. Use an Image or Photo

You can use an image or photo in your thumbnail. It is to show what you could provide to your viewers. Take the ‘Food Blogger‘ thumbnail template as an example.

food-blogger-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Food Blogger YouTube Thumbnail

23. Be Consistent

Be consistent with your design to avoid overflowing and overwhelming it. Take a look at how the ‘Armed Forces Day‘ template uses consistent colors in its design.

free-armed-forces-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Armed Forces YouTube Thumbnail

24. Make Your Style

Nothing’s wrong with adding your flavor to your design. After all, it is your video, and that’s all that matters. Take a look at how the ‘National Library Worker’s Day‘ template looks personalized.

free-national-library-workers-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template-1x Use This National Library Worker's Day YouTube Thumbnail

25. Know the Trend

Knowing the trend can help you make beautiful and engaging content as well as thumbnail designs. So be sure to keep updated with the happenings in the world. Take the ‘YouTube Live Stream’ thumbnail template as an example.

youtube-live-stream-thumbnail-template Use This YouTube Live Stream YouTube Thumbnail

26. Blend In

If you’re aware of the current trend, you should blend in. It is a quick way to entice people. The perfect example of this is the ‘Fashion template.’

fashion-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Fashion YouTube Thumbnail

27. Connect With Your Audience

Audience connection is essential, especially if you want to gain more viewers. So be sure to make an engaging thumbnail for your videos. Take the ‘Mother’s Day‘ template as an example.

free-mothers-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Mother's Day YouTube Thumbnail

28. How-to or Tips-like Titles

Using How-to, Tips-like, or guideline titles can easily attract viewers. So don’t be afraid to use such for your thumbnails. Take the ‘Menu template‘ and the other template as examples.

menu-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Menu YouTube Thumbnail



29. Know Your Competitor

Knowing your competitors or fellow influencers can help you think of content for your channel. You can also get some ideas from them for your thumbnails. You can use the ‘Fashion’ template if you’re into fashion.

fashion-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Fashion YouTube Thumbnail

30. Be Reliable and Flexible

Since half of the world’s population uses a mobile device, there’s a good chance that your thumbnail will receive the majority of responses through it. So make sure it’s adaptable and dependable. Take the ‘4th of July‘ template as an example.

free-4th-of-july-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This 4th of July YouTube Thumbnail

31. Optimize for various devices

Since almost all are using smart devices, such as cellphones, laptops, and tablets, your thumbnail should be something that can optimize easily across all platforms. Although there is no concrete example for that, you can still use the ‘Labor Day YouTube Social Media‘ template as an example.

labor-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Labor Day YouTube Thumbnail

32. Make Use of the Perfect Thumbnail Size

According to Google, an impressive thumbnail should be 1280 pixels by 720 pixels with a minimum width of 640 pixels (1280 x 720 resolution). With the ‘Palm Sunday‘ template, you can easily adjust its size to fit in.

palm-sunday-youtube-video-thumbnail-template1 Use This Palm Sunday YouTube Thumbnail

33. Go for Sports

Make a thumbnail that could easily attract athletes or sports fans if you’re a sportsperson or influencer. Take the ‘Sports template‘ as an example.

sports-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Sports YouTube Thumbnail

34. Today Is a Yoga Day!

Many people are into Yoga, especially women. It encourages them to get fit and healthy. If you’re one of the people who love doing Yoga and vlogging about it, you can use the ‘International Yoga Day’ YouTube Thumbnail template to support them.

international-yoga-day-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This International Yoga Day YouTube Thumbnail

35. Ask Engaging Questions

Asking engaging questions in your thumbnail can attract various viewers. They’ll be curious about the answer to your questions. Take a look at how the ‘Business Plan‘ template uses it.

business-plan-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Business Plan YouTube Thumbnail

36. Feature the Best of the Best

If you’re an influencer, it’s natural or expected that you’ll highlight or feature the best product you’ll promote. As an example, consider the ‘Restaurant Ads.’

restaurant-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Restaurant YouTube Thumbnail

37. Cute Concepts or Graphics Can Help

If you want more viewers, cute concepts can help. You can use cute graphics, items, pictures, backgrounds, and more to make it look adorable and enticing. Take the ‘Parent’s Day‘ template as an example.

free-parents-day-youtube-video-thumbnail Use This Parent's Day YouTube Thumbnail

38. Be Professional

If you’re using your YouTube channel for professional reasons, you should also use professional designs. Be sure that it is impressive and engaging to professional people. Take the ‘Corporate Business‘ template as an example.

corporate-business-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Corporate Business YouTube Thumbnail

39. Make Way For Love

People have a lot of interest when it comes to love. So don’t be afraid to use love for your thumbnails. However, make sure that it suits well to your topic or content. Take the ‘Valentine’s Day Date‘ template or the ‘Romantic Gift Ideas’ template as an example.

valentines-day-date-youtube-thumbnail-template Use This Valentine's Day Date YouTube Thumbnail



40. For Series

If you’re making a series of films for your channel, make sure the thumbnail is interesting and engaging. Make sure it conveys the message you want to share with the general public. Take, for example, the ‘YouTube Series.’

youtube-series-thumbnail-template Use This YouTube Series YouTube Thumbnail

41. Encourage Self-Love

It’s easy for you to encourage people to love themselves and be confident as an influencer. So, it should be natural for you to use thumbnails to promote self-love. As an example, consider the ‘Fitness template.’

fitness-youtube-thumbnail1-788x443 Use This Fitness YouTube Thumbnail

42. For Special Celebrations

Special celebrations need exceptional thumbnail designs. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try various designs that suited well with the occasion. You can go with floral or sophisticated designs if it’s for the wedding. Look at how the ‘Save the Date‘ template uses simplicity and elegance to fit well with the event.

save-the-date-youtube-thumbnail-template1 Use This Save the Date YouTube Thumbnail

43. Environment-Friendly Styles and Designs

If you want to take part in environmental activities, you should make a thumbnail that matches the theme. Analyze below how the ‘Arbor Day‘ thumbnail template conveys the message well without any other extravagant styles.

free-arbor-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template-788x443 Use This Arbor Day YouTube Thumbnail

44. Go for Green

Are you both health-conscious and a social media influencer? Then it’s up to you to persuade your followers to stay healthy. You can do this by including healthy food, tips, or other health-related items in your thumbnail. As a result, they will be more likely to stick to whatever you decide to do. Take, for example, the ‘Meal Plan‘ template.

meal-plan-food-youtube-thumbnail-788x443 Use This Meal Plan YouTube Thumbnail

45. Holidays or Occasions

There are numerous occasions and events you can encounter worldwide. If you plan to participate in any of these events, you should customize your thumbnail to match the event you’ll be attending. If you’re planning on spending Easter Sunday with your family, you can use the ‘Easter Sunday‘ thumbnail layout as a template.

free-easter-sunday-youtube-video-thumbnail-template-788x443 Use This Easter Sunday YouTube Thumbnail

46. Arrange the Words and Placements Well

Arranging the words and placements well in your thumbnail could result in a neat and clean design. According to experts, adding text or words in your thumbnail can convey enough message to viewers. Take the ‘National Nurses Day‘ template as an example.

free-nurses-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This National Nurses Day YouTube Thumbnail

47. Life Goals

Many people tend to follow you and your life goals as an influencer. So don’t be afraid to use the topic and collaborate with your audience to learn more about it. Looking at the ‘New Year Goals‘ template, you can see it has a minimal design. Plus, it has enticing text that could easily attract people. You can use it for your future reference.

new-year-goals-youtube-thumbnail-template-788x443 Use This New Year Goals YouTube Thumbnail

48. Community Activities

It’s standard practice for influencers to film everything they do, whether it’s assisting a small community or anything else. So don’t be afraid of using such in your thumbnail. At least you inspire people to make something for your community. You can make a thumbnail that demonstrates your social awareness. Take the ‘Earth Day‘ template, for example.

free-earth-day-youtube-video-thumbnail-template Use This Earth Day YouTube Thumbnail

49. Be You

Don’t be afraid to show the real you when creating a thumbnail for your videos. Put your own signature on it and be yourself. If you prefer to have simple designs. Don’t be afraid to use those. You can use the ‘4th of July’ template as your reference if you prefer this kind of thumbnail.

free-4th-of-july-youtube-video-thumbnail-440-1 Use This 4th of July YouTube Thumbnail

50. Be Sympathetic

Nothing could go wrong if you choose to sympathize with what is going on in the world. It not only appeals to the masses, but it may also contribute to the development of your personal and professional credibility as a YouTuber. The ‘National Day of Prayer’ YouTube thumbnail is a wonderful example of this.

free-national-day-of-prayer-youtube-video-thumbnail Use This National Day of Prayer Thumbnail

General FAQs

What is a Youtube Thumbnail?

While browsing YouTube, video thumbnails allow viewers to get a quick glimpse of your video.

What is the use of thumbnails?

A thumbnail is a small image representation of a larger concept used by graphic designers and photographers to make it easier and faster to look at.

Does a thumbnail really matter?

Because YouTube is primarily a visual platform where people watch videos, thumbnails allow viewers to get a quick glimpse of the video’s context, arousing their interest in watching it.

How effective is a good thumbnail?

People are more likely to look at a thumbnail than read the title, so good thumbnails are effective. The better your thumbnails are, the more viewers you’ll attract.

How many YouTube subscribers do you need to make money?

Once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last year, you can apply for monetization.