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Gain access to our expanding library with over hundreds of free Social Media templates and designs made by professional designers that are easily customizable in minutes. Manage your online branding by publishing to various social media platforms straight from our editor tool!

How to Create Social Media Graphics

How to Create Social Media Graphics

  • 1. Search and Select

    Choose the Social Media category from the homepage to search through our vast library of templates for various social media platforms. Select the design that perfectly matches your needs and the feel you are going for.

    2. Download or Access Editor

    Once you have decided on a template, you may either download the design in the file format of your choice or click the “Use this template” button to customize using the editor tool. You can also opt to have one of our professionals customize your ideal design!

    3. A Personalized Fit

    The third step is to modify the design to better fit your ideal look for your brand. Our editor tool allows you to access our online library of royalty free photos, shapes, and clip art that you can easily add to spice up your design.

    4. Save and Share

    Once you have achieved the final look and design you desire, all that is left to do is either download the template or you can also publish the design directly to your social media accounts instantly. An easy, convenient feature just for you!

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Make Amazing Social Media Designs Easily

Diverse Collection boasts a diverse collection of over thousands of high quality templates for various social media platforms for the users to choose from. Whether you are looking for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or Whatsapp templates, rest assured that there is one for you!

Consistent Branding

Our social media templates often come in sets of uniform designs designed to fit the dimensions of several social media platforms. With our template sets, you can easily maintain a consistent brand image across all social platforms.

Convenient Publishing has made publishing your designs more convenient to save you the time and hassle. After making necessary adjustments, you can easily publish your post to different social media platforms directly from the editor tool—no need to login to them separately!

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It is now necessary to engage on social media if you want your business to succeed. I used to find the task of making social media graphics a tedious task as a small business owner, but made keeping up with the trends easier for me.

Melissa Andrews

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Can I Create Social Media Graphics for Free on

Yes, you can create social media graphics on for free!

Can I Publish Edited Design Directly to Social Media Channels?

Yes, you can publish your customized designs directly to various social media channels.

What are the Types of Social Media Posts?

Product, engagement, infographics, behind-the-scenes, and quotes are some of the most widely used types of social media posts.

How Do I Make a Social Media Post Look Professional?

Our social media graphics templates come in trendy designs that are sure to make your posts appear professional. Accompany it with catchy and witty captions, and you’re good! 

Can I Use Social Media Graphics for My Business?

Yes. Social Media graphics are highly effective to help drive your business’ engagement up, generate leads, and reach a wider audience!