7+ Advertising Tri-fold Brochures

Are you on the lookout for some advertising brochure templates to use in your very own advertising business or company? Brochures that are high quality and accessible that take no time to make? Well, you have come to the right place because on our website, we here provide you with a wide array of brochure templates with different designs for you to choose from and use.

Brochures nowadays can be dispersed through two ways—through the traditional printed on paper and distributed manually and through online media such as e-brochures. Whether on paper or on the Web, these templates can serve you nevertheless. Check out more brochures provided on our website.

Advertising Agency Tri-fold Brochure



Marketing and Advertising Tri-fold Brochure



Corporate Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

Corporate Advertising Tri-fold Brochure


Advertising Company Tri-fold Brochure



What Is a Brochure?

Before gazing upon our tri-fold brochure templates, here is a little run through on what brochures are, what they do, and what their advantages are.

A brochure is an easily folded paper document containing information, used to inform, tell news, advertise, and sell. They are also known as promotional documents that introduce newly built companies and the services and products they offer.

Brochures are a great go-to for people who are fresh in the business world as brochures are an effective way to make a name in the public as they include images and complete information that may give a good first impression to potential costumers.

There are different types of brochures, and each type has its own effectiveness in reaching potential new clients and regulars as each brochure type has its own method in presenting information in a comfortable and seamless manner.

There are five common brochures types used. These are

  • bi-fold brochures,
  • bi-fold A4 sizes,
  • bi-fold A3 sizes,
  • tri-fold brochures, and
  • tri-fold A3 sizes.

Advantages of Brochures

Apart from being a great promotional tool, there are other advantages brochures have that make them efficient advertising tools. Here are some of them that we found out:

  • Brochures are flexible in design and information.
  • Brochures are portable as they could be carried in one’s pockets.
  • Brochures can be easily distributed.
  • Brochures saves time for both the company and the new customer in disseminating and condensing information.
  • Brochures can be formatted to personally target each recipient.

Multipurpose Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

Multipurpose Advertising Tri-fold Brochure


Business Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

Business Advertising Tri-fold Brochure


Modern Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

Modern Advertising Tri-fold Brochure


Social Media Advertising Trifold Brochure

Social Media Advertising Trifold Brochure


So You’re Making Your Own Brochure . . .

The next thing to consider is how to make your own brochure and personalize them so they could target a multitude of audiences and be able to portray a solid portfolio. Below, we listed some tips on how to design a good-quality brochure:

  • Know the purpose of your brochure and decide its necessity.
  • Have an appropriate design in mind before considering designing a brochure.
  • Limit words and keep the information concise and clear.
  • Create a striking headline to capture the target reader’s attention.
  • Use simple and easy-to-understand words.
  • Limit and use appropriate images.
  • Use a clean pattern and layout.

For a Blooming Business

The advantages of brochures make them a gateway to a brighter and blooming future for your business. Giving out brochures also lifts the company’s confidence since their services and products have been advertised clearly to the public, and commonly asked questions are answered directly while also providing an impromptu sales pitch about the company’s products and services.

We here also provide you with several types of advertising brochure templates for you to check out. All of Template.net’s brochures are custom made to match certain types of companies or products that need advertising. Not only that, they provide a general type of design as they are time effective and easy to use for your efficiency.

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