10+ Event Company Brochures

There are different events that are hosted by the company every year to assure that they are properly taking care of their stakeholders. It is a way of letting the stakeholders of the company feel that they are appreciated and that they will benefit with the event that a company is to hold. Also, an event may be used for a company to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

It is essential for a company to produce an event brochure to all the events that they are to do so that they can let the people know that a specific event is to happen. It will also directly allow the invited people or the possible guests to know more information about the event. Other than the event company brochures available for download in this article, you may also browse through our PSD Company Brochure Templates .

Creative Corporate Event Brochure Template

corporate event brochure template
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Event Management Company Brochure



Event Planning Company Brochure



Wedding Event Company Brochure



Business Event Company Brochure



Corporate Event Company Brochure



Fund Raising and Charity Events Company Brochure

Companies host fund-raising and charity events either as a part of their corporate social responsibilities or they just want to support a timely cause that can help the people in which a cause has been made for. Fund-raising and charity events brochures used by the company to advertise and promote these functions must include the following information:

  • The date and time in which the fund raising event is to take place
  • The fund raising activities that they are bound to do and the help that the guests can provide
  • The overall program of the charity event
  • The beneficiary of the fund to be collected from the event be it an individual or a charitable organization
  • The reason why a fund-raising activity has to be made

Anniversary Celebration of the Company Brochure

The anniversary celebration of the company must also have an event brochure as it may be for the following:

  • The clients of the company may benefit from the celebration of the business’s anniversary. There may be promotions and other deals that a company can provide to their loyal customers in return to their continuous patronizing of the offerings of the company.
  • It may also be an event that will allow the employees of the company to enjoy. This event may be done after the work operations of the company so that most of the employees may be able to go and celebrate the milestone being achieved by the company.

The details of the anniversary celebration will depend on the targeted invites of the company or for whom the anniversary celebration promotion is. If you are to organize an event that is not related to any businesses or company transactions, you may use our downloadable Event Brochure Templates instead.

Event Advertising Company Brochure



Conference Event Company Brochure



Charity Event Company Brochure



Sports Event Company Brochure



Sample Event Company Brochure



Conference and Business Event Company Brochure

Companies may also host events for the following corporate purposes:

  • A conference may be held so that the company can provide an event for people who wanted to know more about the company operations. It may be a conference intended for the stakeholders of the company or a conference that may be attended by the target market of the company and other markets that the company want to penetrate.
  • Business events like product launches, parties for a cause, social gatherings of business partners, and others may also be hosted by a company in which an event company brochure is needed to provide information to those who are to go to the event.

Having an event company brochure can truly give wonders and a whole lot of advantages to the functions that a company hosts and organizes. Aside from our event company brochures, you may also download our Infographic Brochures.

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