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How To Make a Genogram [10+ Templates to Download]

Genograms are useful because they can give you a bird’s eye view of an individual’s past, glean an understanding of the present, and get an insight into the future. And in this guide, we will teach you how to create such tools that you can then use for personal, medical, or professional purposes. Also shared below are free family tree templates that you can download and edit.

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5 Steps To Make a Genogram

A genogram is a detailed diagram that shows an individual’s relationships and networks with other people. A good genogram should tell the genetic, demographic, socio-cultural, and/or other factors that influence these personal relationships and traits.

In the guide below, you will learn how to condense all these family history and trends into one chart or diagram and create an effective genogram.

Step 1: Determine what type of genogram you wish to create.

The first step is to know what specific type of genogram you need to create. Do you need a single-generation genogram, a comprehensive five-generation blended family tree diagram, or do you want an extensive emotional relationship genogram for family therapy? Be clear on what genogram type you need so that you will know how to best present your family data.

Step 2: Research and write down all the information you wish to plot.

Next, you need to gather all the information you need about your lineage. Then, you need to write down and save this information. If you want to have a very comprehensive genogram, you may need to undergo genetic or DNA testing beforehand.

Step 3: Download a pre-formatted genogram template.

After conducting the necessary research, it is now time to start plotting your genogram. To do that easily, it is best to download a printable genogram template. Multiple examples of free genogram templates are included in this article so check them out.

Step 4: Edit the template using compatible software.

After downloading the template design of your choice, it is now time to edit the sample genogram template. Open your preferred editing software and start replacing all text placeholders with your own family information. Don’t forget to use standard symbols and markings to show the relationships and dynamics between each family member.

Step 5: Save and print out the final template design.

After plotting your family data into the genogram design template, proofread the template design and then save the genogram file. You can then begin printing out your genogram. Don’t forget to use thick paper or cardstock.

Wasn’t that easy? Study all these steps repeatedly until you are comfortable in making your own family genograms.

10+ Genogram Templates

Embedded below are multiple examples of genogram templates in Word, Pages, and PDF file formats. Choose a template design that allows you to best present family, demographic, and genetic information.

1. Basic Genogram Template


The Basic Genogram Template shown above looks just like a regular family tree template. It is fully customizable so that you can fill out each placeholder with your own family information. In addition, you may also change the color scheme and the background image with something that you prefer.

2. Blank Genogram Template


Shown above is the Blank Genogram Template that follows a left to right design orientation. Feel free to add your own family details and formatting style when you edit the template using a compatible graphic design software tool.

3. Community Genogram Template


Up next is the Community Genogram Template (embedded above) that anyone can use to present relationships and traits of different members in one community. This genogram design is often useful for investigators, social psychologists, and researchers when creating psychological assessments or background checks.

4. Family Genogram Template


With the Family Genogram Template (featured above), you can distinguish a person’s gender and relationship with each other since the template uses different genogram symbols. This printable template is also fully editable so you can control the color and style of each design element.

5. Four Generation Genogram Template


Choose the Four Generation Genogram Template (shown above) if you prefer to present multigenerational family data on one page. This document template also suits those who want to showcase their extended families, their relationships, and their health traits without focusing on one specific person or descendant.

6. Free Genogram Template


Use the Free Genogram Template (embedded above) if you want to create a genogram that only focuses on one person’s direct lineage. With this template, the end-user will only need to add the name of the parents and the names of the maternal and paternal grandparents. And with simple genogram template design, you may easily add, remove, or modify some of the text and image elements included in this pre-made template.

7. Genogram Example Template


Available as an Apple Pages, MS Word, or PDF template file, any end-user can easily download and customize the Genogram Example Template (featured above). A tip: To make the final genogram design more informative, make sure to use different symbols and line colors to differentiate the relationship of each individual on the family tree.

8. Medical Genogram Template


The Medical Genogram Template (shown above) is perfect for medical practitioners, clinicians, and researchers who wish to see a visual representation of a person’s medical and history. A good medical genogram will show an individual’s certain traits, symptoms, or conditions and compare this with other known traits and conditions of other family members.

9. Sample Genogram Template


Use the Sample Genogram Template (embedded above) if you prefer to create a standard blank family tree template that focuses on just one person or descendant. As an editable template, you may further extend the family tree once you have obtained more information about your distant forebears.

10. Simple Genogram Template


Need a genogram with simple design but allows you to input a lot of information? Take a look at the Simple Genogram Template (shown above). This editable genogram template lets you create a four-generation family tree. And, what’s great, is that you can further expand it by adding more branches to the family tree and by incorporating other relationship and genetic symbols into its design.

11. Family Genogram Sample Template


Choose the Family Genogram Sample Template (featured above) if you want to create a family tree that discloses different genetic and relationship trends between different family members. Use the free family tree template example design above as a base document for your own family’s or your client’s extensive family genogram.

Family trees and genograms are not just illustrated lists that tell you how you came to be in the world. When they are created from accurate and thoughtful research, they can surely be a rich source of insight and understanding of your lineage and identity. Use all the design tips we’ve shared in this article so that you can craft a printable family tree or genogram that is most beneficial to you.

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