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It is disturbing to live among people who do not say thank you. When you leave that teaching interview room, try to show a potential employer some courtesy by sending them a thank you email after teaching interview. By the way, sending a Thank You Email After Job Interview will not only help you develop positive feelings and optimism, but also helps you to control the negative emotions that we sometimes find ourselves in.

After Teaching Interview Thank You Email Free PDF Format Download | This teaching interview thank you email begins with a formal note of thanks for being called for the interview. It also states how excited you are and that you are confident about being an ideal candidate.

Thank You Email After Teaching Interview Free PDF Format | This is a short and simple thank you email which you start with a note of gratitude for the interview – which is followed by a declaration on how positive you are about being a suitable candidate here.

Thank You Email After Teaching Interview for Teacher Sample PDF | Starting with a thank you note, this thank you email goes on discussing how much you are enthused to join the organization, specially after the interview and that you have the needed knowledge & experience.

Example Thank You Email After Teaching Interview for School Free PDF | This thank you email starts with a note of gratitude for the interview and then goes on sharing how great you feel about the school and how confident you are about your candidature.

Thank You Email After Teaching Interview for 4th Grade Example PDF | This thank you email begins with a thanks and then proceeds to share how impressed you are with the school and why do you think you would be a great fit here.

Followup Thank You Email After Teaching Interview Sample PDF | This thank you email commences with gratitude on your part for the interview. It also speaks about your keen interest in joining the school and that you are looking forward to it.

Thank You Email After Teaching Interview PDF Format Free Template

Sample Thank You Letter for an Teacher Interview


Thank you Follow up Email After Teaching Interview

Thank you Note Email After Teaching Interview

Email Thank you After a Job Interview Sample

Post Phone Interview Thank You Letter

Sending a Thank you Email After an Teaching Interview

Writing a Thank You after an Interview

It is a good practice to send a thank you note to the interviewer after an interview. You can easily design such an email or letter with the help of Post-Interview Thank-You Letter Templates. These comprise of all the essential segments and the right statements, thus making it easier for you to send an ESL teacher interview thank you letter.

How to Email a Teacher

Instead of writing a Thank-You Letters after an Interview, it is also a good idea to send an email showing your gratitude for the chance given. If you have interviewed for the post of an elementary teacher, you may have to appear for more rounds of interviews. In such a scenario, you should also send a thank you email after second teaching interview. You just need to put in a gratitude message, thanking the interviewer for the chance to prove your mettle and praising him or her for the anecdotes shared by them.

How to Write a Teacher’s Interview Thank You Letter?

  • Make sure to address the interviewer directly while writing the letter. In case there was more than one interviewer, you should send a letter to each of them.
  • There should be at least three paragraphs in the letter, the first one being to thank the interviewer, the second to give a brief on your skills and the third to reiterate your gratitude.
  • The tone should be confident and active.

In case you need some help in writing the letter, you can make use of the Printable Interview Thank-You Letters.

What should the Subject of the Follow up Interview Email be?

It is a good idea to send a follow up interview email or Thank You Letters After Interview, in order to assure the company that you are still interested in the job. The subject of the email is as important as the content within it. The subject for such an email could be “Thank You – <Job Title> interview”. You can also get a bit creative and write something like “Excited to explore newer avenues with <Name of the company>”.

When Should you send a Thank You Note after Interview?

With the competition for coveted jobs being so high these days, it is very important to send a Thank You Letter After Job Interview. In case you are wondering when you should send such a note, listen to the experts. According to them the thank you note or email should be sent within 24 hours of the interview – the earlier, the better.

How to Write a Thank You Interview Follow up Letter?

If you are thinking of writing a Thank You Letter After Phone Interview a one on one interview, you need to make sure that you address it directly to the interviewer. Mention the important things that the interviewer might have said during the interview to show that you were attentive. Thank the interviewer for the chance and don’t forget to elaborate on your skills.


Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to write a thank you letter after interview. Remember that these tips can also come in handy while writing a Rejection Thank You Letters.

  • Send the letter within 24 hours.
  • Address it to all the interviewers or send separate mails to everyone.
  • Don’t forget to include the designation for which you were interviewed in the subject line.
  • Make sure to give the interviewers a run through of your qualifications.
  • In case you have an online portfolio, add its link in the email.


The uses of a thank you letter or email after the interview are as follows

  • 1. It helps to show a common courtesy to the interviewer
  • 2. It ensures the interviewer that you are serious about the job and are interested in it
  • 3. It gives you a chance to create a personal rapport with the interviewer
  • 4. It makes you more visible than the other candidates who may also have appeared for the interview
  • 5. It gives you a chance to reiterate certain points while also adding those that you might have forgotten to mention during the interview

Although some people will argue that sending word, excel or pdf thank you notes electronically derails the art of saying Thank You Email After Interview, using email to send your special thank you message is the fastest, convenient and easiest way to deliver the message.

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