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A family tree template is a tool used to present one’s genealogy. This is to keep track and update the happenings for each member in the family. The template for family tree is a creative way for displaying one’s own family information. It is basically created in Microsoft Word consisting of boxes and connecting lines depending on the number of family members where any user can fill it out with affluence. The samples for family tree template are free to download for customization.

Family Tree Chart Template

family tree chart template1
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Four Generation Family Tree Template

four generation family tree template
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Photo Family Tree Template

photo family tree template
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Sample Family Tree Template

sample family tree template
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Family Tree Template for Kids

family tree template for kids
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> Large Family Tree Template


A large family tree template consists of sample features about family details made in the form of family tree. A family that has a greater number of members known as complex type should have created a family tree especially used for family gatherings such as reunions, birthdays, weddings and the like for remembering and apprising. The template is a useful and creative tool for making a large family tree where it is identified with boxes and lines that will be up to the user on how to make connections with the aid of Microsoft Word.[11+ Large Family Tree Templates]

> 3 Generation Family Tree Template


A 3 generation type of family tree is used to keep your family members united as well as with close friends and relatives. The family tree is a creative arrangement of displaying the details of each family member. In line with the template formulated for family tree, it will be much easier to make a family tree for 3 generation that will help us to fill in the growing number of lineage for future dates. This is presented in Microsoft Word depending on the type of chart but same purpose is to exhibit connections for grandparents, parents and children.[10+ Three Generation Family Tree Templates]

> Family Tree Template for Kids


A family tree template is a tool for learning and creativity for children. Not only has it helped us to maintain the bonding of the family members by portraying them in a classic family tree but also an appreciation and respect of the children starting from the descendants. It is an interesting project for kids when it comes to their family history. Family tree is usually done in Microsoft Word with series of boxes and lines where the ability of the child to make it colorful and meaningful boosts.[17+ Family Tree Template For Kids]

> Family Tree Chart Template


A family tree chart template is useful to display the history and information of each family member. It is an easiest and flexible way to define one’s family group. Family tree chart is best presented in Microsoft Word or Excel in various forms commonly contains a lot of boxes to fill in and lines for connections.[9+ Family Tree Chart Templates]

> Simple Family Tree Template


A simple family tree template is widely used for monitoring the number of members in the family displaying their names and details. Using a template for family tree with the use of Microsoft Word, a clear picture of family is presented. As the word simple depicts, it will be in the form of boxes or circles with connecting lines.[10+ Simple Family Tree Templates]

> Family Tree Diagram Template


A family tree can be displayed in the form of diagram to show the relationship of each family member. A family tree diagram template is an effective tool to present the complicated affiliation of every member in the family group. This is suitable to be created in Microsoft Word where numbers of boxes vary depending on the quantity of family and the connecting lines between them.[13+ Family Tree Diagram Templates]

> 7 Generation Family Tree Template


A 7 generation of family tree is one of the known types of generation occurred in all families. With the help of template made for family tree, it will be easy for us to create a 7 generation family tree in Microsoft Word because it provides an understanding on what to include and fill in through the given samples. It will usually start from the first ancestors up to the present generation. This means it can be used as a means of updating family details in terms of birth dates and dates of death.[9+ Seven Generation Family Tree Templates]

> 5 Generation Family Tree Template


A 5 generation family tree just like in any other types of generation that we have will start from the first descendants. This generation is used to keep track and make record on family history for the number of alive and deceased in the family. It will also show the growing number of family group through family tree. This is best to appear in Microsoft Word for perfect view of family details and connections.[11+ Five Generation Family Tree Templates]

> 4 Generation Family Tree Template


A 4 generation family tree shows the first ancestors which are the great grandparents up to the present generation of the young children. It is an exact way of presenting every family member whether present or not as long as it is by the blood. This is ideal to be created in Microsoft Word wherein it consists of boxes and connecting lines.[10+ Four Generation Family Tree Templates]

> Family Tree Book Template


A family tree book template is a common form of template used for easy and quick family tree presentation. This family tree is showed in the form of a book to define the connections of the family members. It is usually seen using a Microsoft Word for best demonstration of family tree keeping it as a valuable file for everyone.[9+ Family Tree Book Templates]

> Photo Family Tree Template


A photo family tree template is a tool that gives us an idea on how to make a unique family tree. In this template, pictures of each family member are attached in line with the details and history stated in the family tree. It is presented in Microsoft Word where it contains boxes and lines that will serve as a connection for the family members.[17+ Photo Family Tree Templates]

> Powerpoint Family Tree Template


A family tree can be done in Microsoft Powerpoint aside from Microsoft Word. It is presented for the purpose of making a family tree more beautiful and stylish. Using a Powerpoint template for family tree, there are backgrounds and layouts that can be used to exhibit the relationship of the family members.[9+ Powerpoint Family Tree Templates]

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