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Family Tree Templates

Do you plan to make an awesome looking family tree as a part of your presentation or for posters? With the my family tree templates, you are sure to get plenty of options to base your family tree on, like tiles, blocks, cartoons, descriptive blocks, circular arrangements and many more in horizontal, vertical or random positions. Read More

You can choose the indentations, the designs, the background looks, the layout of the blocks and the details to be inscribed by simply choosing the templates and editing them. Moreover, you can use them for presentations, projects, display charts, as posters in your drawing room and even take simple print outs and paste them in places where you want to always view your tree!

The free family tree templates come in many designs, like cartoons, animals, kids, real human figures of identical ag, and plenty of backgrounds which make your family tree look more attractive and beautiful. You can even choose dynamic tree templates for your presentations which move and rustle and make your design look more realistic. You can also edit the templates with images, details, characters, boxes and other figures which you want to depict and make the family tree a personalized one.

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Get Access to ALL Templates & Editors for Just $2 a month.