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3+ Apartment Lease Templates

Urban places where people usually reside for a short time, having an apartment is an ideal business to start, with the commercial Lease Templates you can have the guide to be used in your assets when you are planning to start the said business. It is operational in Microsoft word, excel or pdf file to so you can download it or print it when you need this as a proposal.

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Any prearranged contract that you will have as the official contract for your apartment can be applied din the template. You can modify the font style, bullet list and title with this template so you can have it unique as your own format. You can also see Rental Lease Agreement Templates.

Word Apartment Lease Template

File Format
  • Doc
  • Docx

Size: 83.5KB


This template will include details like time of lease, time of exit and etc. It generally contains the things which are given to be made by the lessee and things which are not assigned to the responsibility of lessee. It is generally needed in order to avoid any errors in future. For example, it will contain lease time, entry date and exit date.

Apartment Lease Template In PDF Format

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 104.7KB


The template will include details like permitted things to the lessee to do with the apartment. It is generally made at the time of taking apartment for lease. It is just available in the internet. People can just download and use. The template will include details like leasing date, leasing period, apartment number, address, city, state, term of years beginning on the date, ending on the date, rental amount per month, leaser address, city, state and etc.

Apartment Lease Template In Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 81.8KB


The template will be just available in simple form. It contains details like security deposit, number of occupants and etc. On the lease execution, lessee deposits with leaser. It is just the security for faithful performance by lessee of the term of this agreement to be returned to lessee without any interest on the full.

> For What Purpose it is Used

It is mainly created to help people who want to leave apartment for lease and people who want to take apartment for lease. It is available in any formats like PDF, word and excel. People can just download the PDF formatted template and then can use it. You can also see House Lease Templates.

It is included with the details like security deposit and number of occupants. The security deposit form contains details like lesser amount on receipt of the apartment which is acknowledged by leaser as security for faithful performance to be returned to lessee without interest on the full and faithful performance by lessee of this legal agreement. People can just download as per their own wish and then can use it. The three forms will contain more or less similar details.

Who are Eligible To Use It?

These default templates are mainly created to make people on two sides of the apartment. There are three forms available for this template and they are PDF, word and excel. If you are going to take an apartment for lease, then you need to get sign from the owner of the apartment with the filled details for future reference. As a lessee, you can include details like cable facility, water flow and electricity issues will not come under your responsibility. You can also ask under the agreement with following details such as restrictions with number of people and etc.

The Main Objectives For Creation Of This Template

This template was mainly created to help people who want to take apartment for lease. They are supposed to get agreement in order to comply with the details like persons count on the apartment, adults on the apartment, children under the age of particular years.

As an apartment owner, he may ask you to make the agreement for following things like date for leasing and etc. This is just to confirm the verifications of details. This is to avoid any problems in future between owner and lessee. You can also see Commercial Lease Templates.

It is concluded that the templates are mainly created to help people who want to provide apartment for lease and who want to take apartment for lease. It is available in any forms. It can be used when the details needed to be included in the agreement to get the apartment for lease.

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