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A congratulation letter is sent by people who want to send their regards and congratulatory messages to an individual or any entity who have achieved a milestone either in their personal lives, careers, and /or businesses. It can be with regard to an event that has been celebrated or a competition that has been won by the entity to whom the letter is written for. Moreover, there are still a lot of reasons on why a congratulation letter is sent.

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If you want to write this kind of letter to congratulate someone, you may use our congratulation letter templates as samples. Also, we have other Sample Letter templates which you may download should you want to have references in writing different kinds of letters.

Wedding Congratulation Letter Template

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Formal Congratulation Letter Template

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Job Promotion Congratulation Letter

A basic job promotion congratulation letter includes the following information:

  • The past job of the employee
  • The current job position that was assigned to the employee
  • The date that the promotion will be effective
  • A congratulatory message regarding the position
  • Warm wishes and expectations on the employee’s ability to handle the job well

A job promotion congratulation letter may be written by the following:

  • It can be done by the human resource department to formally congratulate the individual for the given promotion.
  • It can be written by the employee’s supervisor, manager, and/or any immediate head
  • It can also be sent by the employee’s coworkers, friends, colleagues, and relatives who have been aware of the promotion.

Wedding Congratulation Letter

Wedding congratulation letters are given to newlyweds who are entering a new phase in their lives as couples. Wedding congratulation letters are usually given on the day of the wedding or sent a few days after the occasion should the person who has written the letter was not able to attend the wedding ceremonies.

Wedding congratulatory letters may come from the following people:

  • The organizers of the wedding event.
  • The locations of the wedding ceremony and the reception.
  • The executives or customer service team of the place where the couple will spend their honeymoon.
  • The relatives of the couple.
  • The people who have attended the wedding ceremonies.
  • Other friends of the couple and people who are close to them.

Aside from our congratulation letter templates, you may also browse through our Promotion Letter Templates.

Response to Congratulation Letter Template

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Congratulation Letter for New Job

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Congratulation Letter for Employee Anniversary

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Congratulation Letter for Admissions

The academic institution where a candidate applied for admissions for a specific term or school calendar gives out congratulation letter for admissions to the applicants who have passed the screening processes. A congratulation letter for admissions include the following information:

  • The date that the school year will start
  • The approved course where the student can enroll
  • Request for admission confirmation
  • Regards and congratulatory notes to the person who passed the admissions
  • Other information about the enrollment procedures
  • In some instances, the result of admission processes like examination scores may be included in the congratulation letter for admission

When Can I Send a Congratulation Letter?

Aside from passing a school’s admissions or being promoted, here are a few celebrations where you can send a congratulation letter who are celebrating a specific event:

  • Anniversaries be it in work or in relationships
  • Graduations
  • When a person or an organization receive awards or recognition
  • Weddings
  • Newborn announcements

There are still a lot of events and instances where it is appropriate to send a congratulation letter. Aside from our congratulation letter templates, you may also download our Personal Letter Templates.

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