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Letters are an essential part of business strategy and functioning, both for employers and employees, and letter templates help you to use pre-set formats to write your business related letters.... Read More

covid letter template

FREE 26+ Covid-19 Letter Templates in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs

Various emergencies can disrupt the daily activities and tasks of different individuals. The rampage of hurricanes and blizzards, extreme and dangerous heat coming from the sun, and the emergence of deadly viruses—these are only some of the crises that affect the lives of many people. In recent events, the public health dilemma caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has strained the daily routine of many citizens. As this adversity continues, everyone has to send letters to their respective employers and colleagues to amend possible problems and reach out for understanding. Learn more about this letter template, and read now.

69+ Resignation Letter Templates – Word, PDF, IPages

Always have your letter written on time before the day you want to quit the job. A period of two weeks before the date you plan to hang your boots is a good time to do so. Since your position needs to be replaced and possibly any property for the company that you had in your possession returned, such a time will allow you wind up gradually and smoothly without running into hurdles to undergo the due process. For samples of different letters, check out our collection of resignation letter templates on our website that you can use. You may also see more different types of resignation letters in Word from our official website

12+ Letter of Introduction Templates – PDF, DOC

It isn’t easy to talk to someone you have only met for the first time. Opening up to them, especially when you want to talk about smart goals and careers, is often quite a difficult task. But a sample letter of introduction letter template can help you talk more about yourself in a more comfortable way. You may also more introduction letters in word from our official website

14+ Nurse Resignation Letter Templates – Word, PDF

There will always come a time when a nurse decides to leave an institution and move on to other opportunities, either in the same field or not. In such cases, the nurse would be required to inform their superiors and the administration about their decision, and the best and most nurse formal way to do this is by submitting a resignation letter.

16+ Sample Adoption Reference Letter Templates

Do you want to adopt a child or a sister and brother and become the best parents? You may have the experience of a husband or wife but taking care of a friend’s or someone else’s daughter and son are not that easy. However, despite not having a chance to become a father or a mother, you can show your willingness, motivation, and character to adopt a new family member in your home. With our adoption reference letter templates, you can write all the necessary information and qualifications as a patient, kind, and loving parent. You can also see more on Adoption Agency Templates.