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Difference between Appointment Letter and Confirmation Letter

During job recruiting, you may have heard of these two terms: appointment letters and confirmation letters. You might be confused and think they both mean the same things, but they don’t. We’re here to teach you the difference between the intent of appointment letter and the intent of confirmation letter on this page.

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Once you learn the difference between the two, you can know the uses of confirmation and appointment letter writing and which one you should use on occasions. If you need references for simple appointment letters, we have those around on our website for you to check out.


Difference between an Appointment Letter and a Confirmation Letter

They may sound very similar, but both an appointment and confirmation letter is very different from each other. To find out what makes them different, we’d first have to know what makes them different.

  • Appointment Letters – These letters are mainly given to candidates as a job offer letter, or if they are new to the organization. But before appointment letters are sent out, employers usually first have to see if the applicant is happy with the offer their organization is giving. If they are, then appointment letters are sent out to them to assign a job.
  • Confirmation Letters – These letters are mainly given out to probationary employees who have successfully completed their probationary period. They are used to confirm the job of new employees who are now considered as assets of an organization. Receiving a confirmation letter is often a good news for probationary employees because that means that they have completed their probationary period.


If you’d want to know even more and learn about the letters’ format and structure, then you should definitely learn a thing or two about appointment letters in DOC and a free appointment letter. Both will increase your knowledge and learn more about their difference.


Common Things in an Appointment Letter and Confirmation Letter

An appointment letter and a confirmation letter do have a few things in common. For one, they both give out information regarding benefits, salary, and other information regarding the job in question. Appointment letters and confirmation letters both give out details that the employee needs to know regarding his job.

Appointment letters give out details regarding salary and benefits when an applicant first enters into a job, the same way sample appointment letter templates work. Confirmation letters, on the other hand, give out details regarding added benefits that regular employees have including salary raise.

Guidelines for an Appointment Letter and Confirmation Letter

When you’re making an appointment letter or a confirmation letter, there are some guidelines that both of them follow.

  • They both should contain information regarding a certain applicant’s employment in your organization, regarding what his job is supposed to be, the salary, his benefits and etc.
  • Appointment letters in particular have scheduled dates on when the applicant is to begin employment and his conditions during probationary. If you’re looking for additional information, Appointment Letter Templates would greatly help you out.


Both are useful in giving out information regarding employment but they each have their own time to use and to function.

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