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3+ Emergency Leave Letter Templates – PDF

There are times where one cannot help but take a leave of absence from the workplace. While there are numerous reasons as to why one would wish to do so, the fact is that they still have to undergo a process which would allow their employer to either accept or deny their leave request.

However, there are situations where in one is forced to take a leave of absence from the workplace in an immediate fashion. So in the event that it happens, companies require their employees to come up with a letter that contains information regarding their sudden leave from duty. This is what you would call emergency leave letters and this article will teach you all that you need to know to make one.

Sample Emergency Leave Letter

Emergency Leave Request Letter


Emergency Leave Letter Template

What Situations Would an Emergency Leave Letter Be Required

It’s the duty of the employers to know what reasons are appropriate that would results in an employee sending an emergency leave letter. So here is a list that should help you understand what these reasons are:

If the Employee of His/Her Family Member Is Undergoing a Serious Medical Problem

If an employee were to suddenly leave the workplace due to a condition which forces him or her to, then you have to make sure that it’s a viable reason. Go through the employee’s medical records to ensure that the employee actually has the condition. Also, if the employee states that he or she has to take a sudden leave due to a family member becoming ill, you’ll have to point out that you will require evidence such as a medical certificate or anything that helps prove the claim once the employee returns. This way, you can make sure that the employee isn’t taking an emergency leave as an excuse for him or her to stray away from company duties and responsibilities.

If the Employee Has to Attend Important Family Business

Sometimes there are family matters that an employee cannot escape from or are of such importance that they have to take one or even two days away from work. If these matters were something along the lines of the employee and his or her family going under serious financial strain or anything that could jeopardize their family’s status, then these are excusable reasons. However, if the employee were to simply make an emergency leave letter just so he can go on an out of town trip with his or her family, then that’s not a good reason.

How to Create Emergency Leave Letters

Much like any other leave letter, this will require you to input the right kind of information that’s necessary for your employer to figure out who sent the letter, why it was made, and when you plan on taking your leave of absence. All of this can help with his or her decision when it comes to the validity of your emergency leave.

So here are a few things that you will need to include in your emergency leave letter:

Details About the Employee

If you’re going to be making this type of letter, then your employer will definitely want to know who made it. What you’ll want to start off is your name. Be sure to write down your first name, last name, and even your middle initial so that your employer won’t have a hard time in finding you in the employee records. Then point out your job title as well as the department that you hail from.

The Date of Which You Wish to Take Your Emergency Leave

This is something that you should never forget to write down in the letter. Your employer will need to know the date in which you took your leave of absence as this will have an effect on your payroll and possibly even your status within the company. Also, putting in the date within the letter can come in very handy in the event that you need to provide evidence that you’ve written a letter for your emergency leave. So as you’re writing it down, you have to make sure that your put in the complete date. This means that you’ll have to write the month, day, and year so that there won’t be any questions regarding when the letter was made.

The Nature of Emergency

This is where you will have to go into detail as to why the employee had requested the emergency leave. When writing down the nature of the emergency, be sure that the employee has given you a concrete reason as to why he or she has to take a leave of absence. This should only be a few sentences long as you don’t want to into too much detail. Just make sure that it’s enough to make readers understand why the employee had to leave and that the excuse is one that’s understandable.

Signature and Date that the Letter Was Signed

This is the most important things that you have to include within the letter. Having both will result in the letter becoming official and legally enforceable in the event that it is used in court. So if there are any conflicts regarding the employee’s sudden emergency leave, you can use the signed letter as physical evidence to prove any piece of information for truths or inconsistencies.

So what you will need is the signature of the employee and the person who is in charge of handling the approval of emergency leaves. Also, you’ll want to include the date as to when the letter was signed as that’s the best way to prove that the parties involved have agreed to the emergency leave on a particular date.

Tips for Making Your Emergency Leave Letter

Let’s say that you’re the employee that has to take the sudden leave. What you’ll want to do is to make sure that you’re able to make a professional emergency leave letter to your employer so that it can easily be approved.

So here are a couple of tips that should help you out with that:

Remember to Treat It Like a Business Document

We’ve already mentioned that you should make this letter as professional as possible, which is why you’ll want to treat it like a business letter. It generally follows a similar structure where you have to make sure that there’s a date, the details of the sender, and any information that can help the employer understand the reasons for the emergency absence.

Make Sure the Reason for the Absence is Acceptable

While this has already been mentioned, it’s very important that you remember that the excuse for the sudden leave of absence is one that your employer can fully agree with. If it’s something for personal matters that have no importance other than you wanting to relax away from work, then you can always just file for a regular leave rather than once for an emergency.

Proofread and Edit the Letter

Once you’ve written down everything that the employer needs to learn about your emergency leave, then be sure to proofread and edit the letter. You don’t want any mistakes in grammar, spelling, or even information about your emergency leave to stay within the contents of your emergency leave letter. Go through it at least twice so that you are able to immediately spot and fix any mistakes that you could have missed.

If you would like to learn more about the emergency leave letters or if you would like to learn about other letters, then all you have to do is go through our site. It has many different articles that contain whatever information you need to help you during certain situations. Just make sure that you go through whatever you’ve gathered thoroughly so that you are able to make effective use out of each and every single piece of information.

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