How to Write a Letter of Intent to Purchase [5+ Templates to Download]


There may come a time where you’ll be interested enough to purchase something like land, vehicles, or even a business. To show the owner that you’re willing to buy what they have for sale, you may be required to send a letter of intent. With this article, you will be able to learn how to send a letter which shows your intent to purchase.

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7 Steps for Creating a Letter of Intent to Purchase

Step 1: Provide Information on Yourself

The first thing that you will need to do is to provide information on you, the buyer. This will help the seller identify who exactly is interested in whatever it is that is being offered. So what you will need to put here is your complete name, followed by your current address and then your contact details.

Step 2: Write the Date

Once you’re done providing your basic information, then next is to put in the date in which the letter was made. This will help make it easier for both you and the recipient in terms of keeping track as to when you showed interest in the offer. Make sure to include the month, day, and year so that the recipient will know exactly when you made it.

Step 3: Provide Information on the Seller

If you want to make sure that the letter makes its way to the right person, then you will need to include his/her basic information. Make sure that you are able to include the seller’s complete name, and then follow that with his/her address and contact details. If the seller is employed in a company, then you will also need to include the company’s name into the letter.

Step 4: Greet the Seller

Before you start explaining what it is that you want to purchase, you must first remember to properly greet the seller. Think of this as a form of a business letter where you must properly address the person that you are sending it to. Use the appropriate “Mr.” or “Ms.” when addressing the seller.

Step 5: Describe What  You Want to Purchase

To make sure that both you and the seller are on the same page, you will need to provide an accurate description in regards to what it is that you’re looking forward to purchasing. For example, if you wish to engage in a vehicle purchase, then you will want to provide information regarding its color, make, model, etc.

Step 6: Provide Information on Your Offer

You need to consider that you may not be the only one with the intent to purchase whatever the seller is offering. So you will need to come up with a decent offer that you think the seller will be genuinely interested, while also one that ensures you’re getting a fair deal if the transaction pushes through.

Step 7: Close the Letter

It is here where you will thank the seller for the time spent reading your letter. Make sure that you provide a sentence where you state that you are eagerly waiting for his/her reply. Once you have managed to do all that, then you may close the entire letter by providing your name and signature at the very bottom.

5+ Letter of Intent to Purchase Templates

1. Letter of Intent to Purchase Product

free letter of intent to purchase product template 440x570 31Download

Those of you who have every intention to buy products from a particular seller may be required to come up with an appropriate letter. With the help of this template, you will be able to provide information as to what kind of products you are willing to purchase and how much you wish to purchase them for.

2. Letter of Intent to Purchase Land

letter of intent to purchase land 11Download

It is very common for people to sell their land as they all have their own good reasons for doing so. In the event that you are interested in purchasing land that is up for sale, then you will need to send a letter to the seller regarding your intentions. With this template, you should be able to properly make such a letter.

3. Letter of Intent to Purchase Goods

free letter of intent to purchase goods template 440x570 31Download

Purchase agreements on goods cannot be made unless the seller knows exactly who wishes to buy it. One of the best ways of letting the seller know that you’re the person who wishes to make a purchase is by downloading and using this template to make a letter of intent.

4. Letter of Intent to Purchase Equipment Template

free letter of intent to purchase equipment template 440x570 31Download

If you’re working on a project, then it’s possible that you may need to purchase additional equipment. If there’s one that has caught your eye or that you desperately need, then you may need to send the seller a letter which shows your intent to purchase it. Use this template to help you make one that provides the seller with all of the important details.

5. Letter of Intent to Purchase Property

free letter of intent to purchase property 440x570 4Download

Those who are willing to sell the properties will often receive letters from buyers who are willing to purchase them. If you are one of these buyers, then it’s best that you make use of this particular letter of intent template. Use it to show the offer you are willing to make in order to purchase one’s property.

6. Letter of Intent to Purchase Business



If you are looking to make a letter of intent to purchase a particular business, then this is the template for you. You can use programs such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages to access and make changes to it until you are completely satisfied with its contents.

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