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When you’re working the typical nine to five shift in a city where the streets are always abuzz with life, or the suburbs where everything seems to be too comfortable for your own good, the routine can be exhausting. The same thing that happens every day over and over again can suffocate even the best and most patient of hardworking people that you long to run away just for a while and maybe breathe a little. Or a lot, depending on how drained you feel you are, longing for some peace and quiet and maybe the comfort of an old friend or two, with nature, the mountains, or the sea, depending on which one you reach first. You may also see application letter samples.

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Request for Leave of Absence

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Leave Request Letter

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Leave Request Letter Template

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Leave Benefits/Incentives

Because there are times when you just really need a break from all the noise. At this point, you may be thinking of escaping and getting your bag ready for a trip you have been long putting off. You’ve gone a destination in mind, your card ready for all the bookings you have to make. The thing is, work is in the way and you have to ask permission but you’re wondering how you can get what you think is a well-earned time off and do it formally according to the policies of your company.

No matter the size of the business you own, or the type of organization being managed, everybody, especially in the corporate industry have had their equal share of dilemmas when trying to manage requests for leave of absence, vacation or time off for their workforce. In the goods and services business, for example, you cannot risk being understaffed in the most important dates in a business calendar year, because some people want to take time off and take advantage of the leave benefits as what has been promised to them. However, leave requests and the quantity that you can accommodate on certain dates should be anticipated.

Importance of Leave Benefits

Many companies also understand that the competition in today’s job market just git tougher, in hiring and retaining the best talent. As a result, additional and more flexible leave benefits are granted to eligible employees since exclusive memberships to a sports club, bonuses and healthcare insurance are no longer enough to attract individuals with the most potential and competitive skill. Fathers can take their paternity leave for a week or two, depending on what rules the company has set for this type of time off credit.

Mothers are paid more on top of their standard maternity leave benefits and workers who perform well are given an additional day or two to their allowed number of days in a year for vacation, and rightfully so. This is the type of benefits that keep an employee motivated, although there are those that cannot take advantage by choice and by fear of the pile of work they will come back to when they take a vacation. You may also see application letter templates.

The Challenge of Using Leave Credits

They can’t be blamed, because a lot of companies, even when they don’t discourage an employee outright from taking a vacation, they don’t encourage them either, so that they have it in their minds that there is a risk of losing the manager’s confidence and a lot of workloads added the moment they head out the door and come back days later. You may also see promotion requests.

Most of the time, workers realize far too late that there are still days unaccounted for that they could have used to go back to their hometown, visit family or friends, take a Caribbean cruise or go to a tropical beach resort in an exotic island. Coming back from any of those would have made them more productive if they only tried. Or if they have a clear understanding of the rules that their vacation requests involve. This is because there are companies with a strictly no carryover policy for vacation time that wasn’t used. It’s either you use them or they disappear, but this should be defined clearly in the company’s handbook, to avoid confusions and misconceptions. You may also see letter format templates.

Companies should remember that it pays to encourage the workforce to use the number of days they have earned for vacation while making it clear that the letter of request for a vacation that they submit would still be subject for approval.  A company’s employee handbook, should always make it a point to clearly state and define what the employees need to do to earn their time off and vacation leave credits, especially if these are paid benefits.


It’s not easy to redesign leave policies but doing it to fit the current growing demand of leave incentives may be long time coming. The fact that the United States doesn’t have a uniformed policy and there is no existing laws whatsoever on how leave credits should be distributed or granted upon request, makes it all the more confusing.

The options are vast, complex and broad when it comes to being able to structure and justify how to accommodate requests for absence or vacation. It takes time, effort and so much planning in order to get policies concerning the handling of leave requests just to ensure that employees are not left lacking morale, be more productive and motivated to work and contribute to a business’ overall success, while also making sure business operations are not left unaccounted for. You may also see transfer request letters.

We must also remember that the headcount for one working day is very important on so many levels since productivity and service level is largely dependent on how many people are present at work. Therefore, approval of leave requests also depends on how many heads are needed to cover the service level for a working day. One person missing, that wasn’t in the books, for example, an unplanned or unapproved absence can already have a large impact, that’s why a business cannot just approve and allow an unprecedented number of vacation requests for employees who say they need it.

Leave Requests

Filing for leave be it for holiday, personal reasons, jury, military or voting time off, should be done through a process, which the company would determine. Ideally, a company or organization also reserves the right to approve or deny a letter of request for a leave of absence or time off when they have evaluated that the reasons are not valid enough to consider an employee being away from work. Earning a leave or holiday is one thing. Asking to use it on days where five more people who have requested to go on holiday ahead of you, or on critical working days, is another.

1. Following a Process

You cannot just write a letter requesting to take a week off and expect it to be approved then and there. Your manager or those who are in charge will need to go by a process, because without the right process, an incentive as attractive as this, have more than the potential to be a big mess. Before requesting for eave, especially since these are mostly paid, employees must check and verify that the date they are requesting to go on leave is available by checking the leave balances through the company’s employee self-service system or any similar system that allows them to do the same. You may also see sample appointment request letters.

2. Writing a Letter Requesting for Leave/Time Off

To avoid scheduling mishaps and ensure it goes within requirements of operations, all leave that an employee plans to take in a quarter or in a calendar year should be requested in the form of a letter at least two weeks prior to the requested dates. If the leave is something you can’t foresee yet, your letter should be sent to the supervisor the moment you return. The employee must write the letter of Leave Request indicating what type of leave he or she wishes to take or has earned (e.g., vacation, jury duty, leave without pay, emergency leave, holiday, time off to vote, etc.,), the dates of the leave requested and the total hours should also be included in the letter. The letter, in turn, should be written in a formal way as it is a sample business letter.

3. Approving/Denying Leave Requests

The supervisor or anyone in charge is responsible for verifying whether the employee is eligible for taking the leave requested or whether or not he or she has the leave available before approval, especially if it is a paid leave request. In the event that the employee isn’t entitled, or has not earned the leave being asked, the supervisor should send or return a letter indicating the reasons for denying the request and the respective provisions justifying the decision. Once confirmed, the supervisor returns a copy of the approved letter of request for leave to the employee, secure one copy for the records and submits another copy to payroll for paid leave.

Leave of Absence Request Form

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Employee Leave Request Letter

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Employee Leave Request Letter Response

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While there are a lot of Americans belonging to the working class who rarely take advantage or use their leave credits, there are more people these days who understand the value of taking time off and have a break from the office desk, so that companies have tried to establish the necessary provisions and policies for processing and granting employee leave requests. You may also see request letter templates.

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