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Whether you’re working for an organization that’s already established and fairly known in the community, or being put in charge for a fundraising drive of a small business letter, planning an event can be a really complicated task, especially if you’re looking at a budget that would be nearly impossible to stretch with what the event demands. But any organization, private or nonprofit, wanting to be recognized always has the option to ask for best sponsorship for their events, especially if it helps a cause.

It’s actually pretty common as event sponsorship letter are also a chance for sponsoring organizations or corporations to promote themselves further, more so when it’s for charity. And even if it’s not, getting sponsorship deals can improve an event’s chances at having a larger audience, so it’s really a win-win situation for both sides.

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Sample Sponsor Letter

sample sponsor letter

Sample Club Solicitation Letter to Sponsors

sample club solicitation letter to sponsors

RaceForEd Sponsorship Benefits Letter

racefored sponsorship benefits letter

On Sponsorship Feedback and Follow Up

The question, how do you make sure that your proposal is accepted and that you get notified ahead of the event, enough for you to prepare the allocation accordingly, on top of your event proposal getting noticed at least? How do you make sure you even get a feedback?

A follow up would help a lot, but if you do it through phone calls all the time, you may come across as very pushy instead of just being seen as someone determined to get the deal for a worthy cause or an event that he or she believes will be good to help bring the business forward and promote the sponsoring corporation in the process, especially if the two organizations can see eye to eye. Sponsoring events aren’t rare. In fact some companies even volunteer to sponsor. But with the amount of competition in any industry these days, it’s getting a little difficult to be chosen among the pile of proposals that gets submitted to the biggest corporations that you also think expecting for a feedback or an update is stretching your expectations too far, or that it’s too much trouble. It really isn’t.

You just have to be able to do a proper follow-up and the best one is a written letter of a follow up request addressed to the company. Follow-up letters get underestimated too much that many organizations planning an event forgets that it could make a difference in how a corporation can choose you for a sponsorship deal again.

Fall Festival Sponsorship Letter

fall festival sponsorship letter

Event Sponsorship Packet

fall festival sponsorship letter1

Broward County Alley-Gator Bowl Sponsor Letter

broward county alley gator bowl sponsor letter

Do your Homework

Identify the funding sources you can best work with, or those whose causes are close to yours. You can’t expect to be sponsored by a printing T.V channel or show that supports something that has the potential to lose your organization’s credibility. You can’t just be asking to be sponsored by anyone. You have to know where the grants are and what type of corporation or foundations you should be seeking grants to from to fund your event. you may also see Event Outline Template

There are government organizations that you can try partnering with, depending on the purpose of your event planning. There are a lot of personalities in show business and sports who have foundations to their names, as well as corporations of well-known brands. You practically have options, left, right and center, but so are other organizations who are also trying to ask for sponsorship.

Follow Prospect Sponsors’ Process For Granting Sponsorhip

Check what materials they need, what paperwork you have to complete, and what forms need to be filled in and submitted, then secure them. Familiarize yourself with their funding process or approval and rules for submission of proposals. Missing out on anything can mean blowing off your chances entirely before you even got to tell your pitch. Many foundation and corporate funders have websites where they post their procedures for grant proposals, requests, awards, as well as information on how or why a grant proposal gets declined. Check their requirements. If you have no way of locating their guidelines after doing much research, then get their contact information and email or call them over the phone to ask your questions about their funding process for events like yours, and it’s okay to use the same contacts for asking about the status of your application template for funding.

Your Letter of Request Should Be Done Professionally

Just remember that a request for an event sponsorship is still a business letter. Don’t bluff, don’t patronize, keep it professional and simple. Make it concise, otherwise you will lose them in metaphors that aren’t necessary for asking the status of your sponsorship request. Always edit and correct grammatical and other mistakes as needed. In order to do that, you have to read the letter you have written and identify the mistakes before you send it.

Write Your Proposal Legibly

It’s better if you have all paragraphs aligned left with one line separating each of them. Do your pitch and cite your request in a manner that highlights your event’s strengths and purpose. Write in a concise manner and tell the company about your event and why you think their sponsorship will help make it a success. Tell them about your organization and how you have arrived at a decision to organize an event such as the one you’re having, as well as information about who your beneficiaries are, if it is a community fundraising event. Conclude the letter of application by writing an inquiry on what the next process of the application should be.

Here are a few of the things you can expect from the company or organization for updates regarding your event sponsorship proposal or the response to the follow up letter you have sent them:

  • The status of the request is pending – that’s hardly a surprise.
  • Your request for sponsorship was rejected or declined.
  • Your request has been approved and you’ll get the details later on about the process of awarding the funds for your event.

Then You Wait

Wait three to six months to send your follow-up letter after you have submitted your letter. This is because corporate private sector funders have board of directors that don’t necessarily meet each month, and when they do, they mostly cover different many other things in business so that they may not be able to talk about funding events just yet. Meetings like these are often the cause of delays for sponsorship application announcements. However, these funders do want you involved in the process, as much as possible and that can either make or break your application. Communicating and doing a follow up with them does the trick to get them to fund the event your business or company is hosting, and even if you don’t succeed in getting this project, you can charge that to experience for your next event.

Do a Follow Up on Your Request

Even if you think six months with no feedback from a certain prospect sponsors already means rejection, it’s still better to be sure and do a follow up either through phone call, email, or a written letter that you’ll send through the mail. If it’s through a simple letter or an email, always begin with a professional salutation, properly addressing the recipient’s name and title. Punctuate the salutation with a semicolon then proceed to another line. Start the body of your letter by a statement template of gratitude to the potential sponsor for considering your application.

1. Make It Count by Doing It Properly

A poorly executed follow up may also appear desperate and may hurt your chances at funding. You do this one way first, and that’s through professionalism. In all your business dealings, it’s always important to be professional. In doing so, and in emphasizing the assets and potential of your business, even if you are just getting started as a businessman, you have the ability to come up with a practical but well-written follow up letter to potential sponsors. It isn’t simple. But it isn’t that complicated either. You start by asking all the organizations you have sent requests to, for confirmation that your letter of intent or proposal was received. Once you’re told they did, then it might be the time to write your follow up letters, especially if the event is in a few weeks in a few months’ time.

Communiaction Helps

It really often goes three ways and nothing more. But while funders fail to notify you, if your application template has been rejected, 85% of the time, when they do communicate, that means you already have a check in the mail, and your application was accepted. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have a follow-up, just so you can be prepared, because knowing the status of your application would allow you to allocate your budget better for the event.

Sponsor Request Letter

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Sample Media Sponsorship Letter

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Sample Confirmation Letter

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2017 Sample Event Sponsor Letter

2017 sample event sponsor letter

When you have successfully made a follow up letter and was told that your request is being reviewed, expect a letter in the coming days or weeks that tells you the result after they have deliberated and made a decision. The best communication coming from a funding organization is the one giving you information on how to process the transferring of funds for the grant or sponsorship they have decided to give you. It could also indicate the reasons why and sometimes, it may include some sort of instruction on a request for promotion of their organization on the official promotional materials of your event.

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